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I felt like I was the only sane person in theaters when I saw this awful movie. I kid you not, I was the only person not laughing and I didn't let out a single chuckle, not even a pity smile. But then again, one person during the screening laughed at a serious part when a man was shot in the head and killed while covering Reese Witherspoon. I guess it just goes to show you how stupid the audience was around me. Deep down, I wanted to be surprised. Often times when I see a horrible trailer, my expectations are so low that there is a good chance the film could exceed my expectations and I end up liking it a tad. This is not the case for Hot Pursuit.

It is basically a cliched road trip/buddy comedy with opposite personalities (Reese Whitherspoon playing the straight by the books cop and Sofia Vergara as the seemingly ditzy material woman). These kind of comedies still work today, but not with Hot Pursuit. The characters are annoyingly over the top and highly stereotypical. there is nothing unique or complex about them, save for the twist with Vergara I won't spoil. Not only are the characters annoying, but there isn't any moment where I feel the characters bond and become friends. Even in the final conflict of the film, Sofia Vergara seems mad enough to kill Whitherspoon, only for them to be hugging and the best of friends in a split second without solving anything!

Not even the comedy can help it, because it's the stupidest kind. One example is partially in the trailer when Vergara's husband is shot and Whitherspoon reveals his death to Vergara as they drive away. Vergara proceeds to make the most annoying sound possible for three straight long cuts. Another stupid bit of "comedy" is when the two leads try to sneak past a police blockade by dressing as a deer. They have the fakest looking deer skin on them and arguing loudly about what sounds a deer would make, loud enough for cops to hear their voices. The cop spots the fake looking deer while the girls make the most ridiculous of sounds. I guess creeped out by it, the cop shuffles away. Everyone just seems so stupid in this film to be able to take it seriously or have any fun with the movie.

The only part I found amusing is when they commandeer a tour bus full of senior citizens during a chase. The things the old people said where so crazy I would have laughed if this were any normal comedy, but because I sat through over an hour of unfunny and annoying scenes, I could not even crack a smile. I was in such a bad mood by then nothing could cheer me up. The twist was decent as well, but wasted on this film.

I give this film an absolute zero, because I couldn't even enjoy the two parts I would normally like. Out of the 94 movies I've seen so far from 2015, this is the absolute worst and may stay the worst film of 2015 for me.


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