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I consider my self a lover of horror, an embracer of superheroes and a fan of wasting hours on netflix.
Crystal Pitman

I spent five years avoiding The Walking Dead and refusing to watch the show after being bored to tears after 20 minutes of the first episode. I moved out on my own for the first time last week and the first thing I did was borrow every single season from my manager. It's been a week and I'm now halfway into season five. Through a combination of peer pressure, constant spoilers and all my friends being obsessed I decided to bite the bullet and see what the show was all about.

One week later and I've been devastated over deaths I didn't want to happen, characters I never expected to care about and filled with joy at Glenn and Maggie's growing relationship. I want them to be happy, I want them to survive. I want to go to their wedding and watch them have children.

It really did start slow, I watched two episodes the first night and then finished season one the next morning. By that afternoon I was halfway through unpacking my house and halfway through season two of the show. It draws you in and I feel like once you are in the clutches of this brilliant show, there is no escape and there is no turning back. I can now join the conversations that everyone I know is having about this show and I can text my best friend live updates as I watch the episodes she's already seen and freak out over things she experienced two years ago.

I take back every bad thing I ever said about the show being boring, a waste of time and 'just another show about zombies', it is so much more and I'm so hooked.


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