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On this past sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead" featured a unrecognizable voice on a walkie talkie saying "help" and nothing else. Most people are saying it is Glenn, but others are saying another name. This is a run-down of the two characters that is brought up during the conversation of Who is on the walkie talkie?

Was it Dwight?

If it was Dwight than it would most likely be to trick Daryl back to Dwight so he could possibly bring him to Negan so Negan could find where he lives to take it over just like the governor did. But it possibly is not Dwight at all, which leads me to my next topic.

Was it Glenn?

In the episode"Thank you" we all know what happened to Glenn at this point. But one half of fans think he died, and the other half thinks he is alive. Glenn could have crawled under the dumpster, then grabbed his walkie talkie and called for help because he knew that people were communicating via radio so that somebody would come to his rescue.


Who do you think was on the walkie talkie?

If you choose another character, leave a comment on who do you think that character is.


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