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Marvel's latest Netflix series is set to be released on Friday, but the first two episodes premiered early in New York City Tuesday night and they did not disappoint. Jessica Jones features some great new characters that are being introduced to the darker side of the MCU that was started by Daredevil a few months ago.

Jones, who is anything but your typical hero, will become a fan favorite almost immediately. The first two episodes showcase not only her incredible strengths, but also her glaring weaknesses and insecurities. Her troubled past make her far from perfect and therefore easily relatable for the audience, which is something not every superhero can boast. Her punchy humor is also something that will make her popular.

Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones
Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones

Another popular character, and perhaps the most anticipated, is Luke Cage. Personally, the trailers for the show didn't thrill me with the Cage they were putting on screen. Any worries I had though were quickly put to rest by these early episodes. Cage may not be jumping right off of the pages of the comics but the core qualities of the character are there and he will be one of the best parts of the show. Plus, he's a total badass.

One of the characters that fans will not love, but rather love to hate, is Zebediah Killgrave. The Purple Man may not go by his colorful moniker early in the show, but he is certainly a very colorful character. His creepy personality is portrayed mostly through Jones' visions and memories, but every time he is on screen you can just feel your skin crawl. He puts you on edge the entire time you watch, to the point where you forget you're not watching a horror film. As of right now, I feel good about my prediction that Killgrave will be the best villain the MCU has seen yet.

David Tennant as the menacing Killgrave
David Tennant as the menacing Killgrave

These three characters are enough to carry the show on their own, but they have a supporting cast that will certainly draw some interest as well. There are several other characters that are sure to have huge roles in the show and I am definitely excited to see them.

This gritty side of the MCU has proven to be very popular and that is not going to change. I suggest you clear your weekend plans, stock up on snacks and get comfortable on your couch. The complete first season of Jessica Jones will be released on Friday.


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