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Jessica Jones is Marvel's latest Netflix show which will be premiering November 20th and many people cant wait. The majority of them having seen Daredevil are excited to see what Marvel has in store for us with Jessica Jones now. A lot of people however don't really know of Jessica's origin and exactly how dark and morbid it truly is. I decided to give you Jessica's origin in a quick recap so once the show rolls out you're ready.

Jessica Jones was not always Jones she was actually born Jessica Campbell and her father worked for Mr. Stark himself. This isn't the only connection Jessica would have to the Avengers as it turns out she also went to high school with Peter Parker. I'm not quite sure if this will be the same situation in the Netflix series as Parker is set to still be in school and Jessica is definitely not in high school anymore. It will be fun to see how Marvel will handle these two connections but one I'm sure they will get right.

The big question is what is Jessica Jones' powers exactly? Well before i get into that lets talk about how shes got those powers exactly. It was on the way back from a trip to Disney World with her family courtesy of Stark that it happened. The vehicle they were in crashed into a military convoy that was filled with many chemicals. Her whole family was killed but she just went into a coma for months until one day she awoke from cosmic force radiation from a battle The Fantastic Four had with Galactus. We all know however that both those characters aren't owned by Marvel so we will have to see what they do to replace this factor. She was later adopted by the Jones family hence the name Jessica Jones. Afterward Jones went back to school and discovered she had super strength, flight, and durability. She was depressed though and didn't see a light until one day she decided to use her powers for a greater good and became Jewel.

Jewel started trying to defend the city from evil but really didn't have much luck and all of that came to a halt when she met Zebediah Killgrave A.K.A The Purple Man. He uses his mind control like powers to submit Jessica to his bidding and has her go through some psychological torture as well as committing crimes for him. When The Purple Man finally decides to release her its too late because the damage has been done and the one thing that never let go of Jessica is that no one cared. All of the time she was held captive no one bothered to look for her not her family or even the Avengers.

Jessica decides to take a vigilante role as Knightress that is also short lived but does come to meet Luke Cage who will be a big part of her life. She leave the Knightress gig and decides to just become a private investigator. This is where it looks the show will be picking up that will be premiering this Friday. I'm very excited for this show as it will continue in Daredevils footsteps in what many called edgy and dark. I wonder how many cameos and Easter eggs we will be seeing from Marvel because Jones does have a lot of connections to the Avengers.



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