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The time has now come, although the Force may not have fully awakened yet, that doesn't mean it can stay asleep. With the release of Star Wars Battlefront, comes a slew of reviews for one of the most heavily anticipated sci-fi movie-based games within the past decade. This article will let you know what all your favourite websites, reviewers and people think of this new chapter in the Star Wars era.

So let's get right to it!

T.I.C.G.N: 8.5/10 - Jordan P.

"Star Wars: Battlefront is fantastic both as a game and as a love letter to the Star Wars movies. The game’s graphics and sounds are incredibly well crafted, if I could I would just walk around the maps looking at the sites and listening to the sounds of the battles. What the game lacks for in the single player department, it more than makes up for with its multiplayer; Battlefront‘s multiplayer is the most fun I’ve had with a multiplayer shooter in years, I’ve played it for nearly ten hours and I’m still eager to jump back in."

Gamespot: 7/10 - Mike Mahardy

"Battlefront doesn't go much deeper than its ambitious surface appeal. It front loads its best content, only to fade in quality as the hours roll by. Star Wars Battlefront's skin is beautiful, but its legs are shaking, and threaten to buckle with time."

Videogamer: 7/10 - Steven Burns

"Star Wars Battlefront, then, is one of the best experiences of the year, if only for a short while. Completionists may stay with it to unlock figures for the in-game diorama which shows how many challenges you've completed, but others will find their interest has waned long before that. Too limited in its maps and modes to keep people hooked, it will nevertheless provide enough fun to jump onto once in a while, hear that famous score and maybe take down an AT-AT. Those who wanted a Battlefront III, however, will have to wait a little while longer."

Polygon: 8/10 - Dave Tach & Justin McElroy

"In a sea of multiplayer-focused shooters, Star Wars Battlefront distinguishes itself as much by what it does as what it doesn't, and that comes at a price. Its old school simplicity doesn't always mesh with its attempts to bring those ideas into 2015, and it lacks some of those back-of-the-box bullet points that most modern AAA shooters wouldn't be caught dead without."

Games Radar: 4/5 - Andy Hartup

"This philosophy of getting players involved, and making your whole experience as hassle-free as possible, is the beating heart of Star Wars Battlefront. Rarely has any video game pushed pure, uncomplicated joy so forcefully to the fore. Sure, as a shooter, this can be rigidly simple at times, and does occasionally leave me yearning for something a little more complex and involving because I'm that guy who spent the rest of 2015 playing Destiny. As a wonderful recreation of some of my most cherished childhood fantasies (and you will feel the same, such is its universal appeal) Star Wars Battlefront is an absolute triumph."

IGN: (In progress) - Mitch Dyer

"Star Wars Battlefront captures everything I love most about Star Wars. It’s playful and imaginative, driven by a sense of adventure and fun above all else. By embracing this, and improving on the classic original Battlefront, developer DICE has made almost exactly the Star Wars multiplayer shooter I’ve always wanted."

Lastly, a performance analysis by John Linneman from Digital Foundry, an organisation that test games a wide range of different factors.

"In closing, we should stress that this is a preliminary analysis with more to follow, but we can confirm that performance and visual quality are looking highly impressive in the final code. We're impressed to see DICE continue to optimise and improve the game right up until launch, when there was already little to complain about in the beta. The only question remaining is how well the netcode and servers will hold up given the inevitably extreme pressure likely during the launch window."

Overall, Battlefront looks set to be a great purchase for Star Wars and those familiar with FPS games. Coupled with a free 'Battle of Jakku' map following the game's release on the 8th December, it looks all set to be one of the best movie-game tie-in's since the last Battlefront game since it's own predecessor, released in 2004.


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