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the world of superhero videogames is diverse, with many different outings and games for tones of different consoles.

but today, ill be writing about MOBILE GAMES. so no x box, play station, wii, or any other ish. just the wonderful universe of the iPhone and iPad and iPod and Android.

to be able to be on this list, the game must be an original, based on a comic book character, and available on the app store or google play. if you don't have any of those, you are out.

so lets start!

5. batman: arkham origins

this great game is a mini adaptation of the successful Arkham video game series on Xbox and PlayStation. this game might cost you about a few dollars but it is obviously worth every cent of your money.

4. marvel: avengers alliance

another game adopted from a different platform, Avengers alliance started on Facebook as a game and soon became so popular it transferred to mobile platforms. with great variety of characters and outfits and addictive game-play with endless possibilities, this game is a great free choice for your time.

3. Marvel: Contest of Champions

this game is just awesome. with a huge range of about 55 playable characters and even more enemies, this game has tones of possibilities and even online matches. the only reason that this game is not in a better position is because it feels like it is a copy of the number one spot.

just a fun fact: this game even its own comic book story line!

2. Marvel: future fight

i just recently started this game, and i am ADDICTED to it badly. it has tones of characters, awesome gameplay, boss graphics, tones of online opportunities, abilities, outfits and so much more the list cold go on forever. this game is a most play!

1. injustice: Gods among us (pocket version)

this game can literally not be described with words. it has everything except for one, flaws. tones of characters including superman, batman, wonder woman, joker, Harley Quinn and Catwoman with tones of suits and gears and updates that you get throughout the game. having a mortal combat kind of style, they even included scorpio/n however you call him..

thanks for reading! hope you enjoyed this short article about the games you should already be downloading right now. why are you still here? go and waste your memory space!

what is YOUR favorite mobile game?


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