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Yep that's right, the Pokémon EXPO Gym is real and it's set to open in Osaka on the 19th November 2015 as part of the new EXPO City entertainment and shopping complex.

Don't go reaching for your Pokéballs just yet though guys, it's less of a 'Pokémon battle for badges' type gym and more of an 'interactive video game' type gym. The Pokémon EXPO Gym features a series of arcade style interactive games, a lot of which are focused on physical movement - see, it totally is a gym! Legit.

Japanese news blog Gigazine got a sneak visit ahead of opening and returned with some awesome photographs of the interior and the various rooms and interactive experiences available inside - let's take a look!

Charizard's Battle Colosseum

Once entering the Battle Colosseum (which costs ¥600, approx. $5) you find yourself in a room with benches and the on-screen colosseum, which features first-gen favourite Charizard alongside a rookie trainer who is suffering from a bit of a losing streak.

and Charizard ain't happy about it
and Charizard ain't happy about it

Cameras pick up the audience and project their reactions onto the smaller monitors on either side of the main screen, and the audience decides the outcome of the battle with their actions and support (or lack thereof). If they cheer Charizard on, he can win victory in the colosseum, if not... Then not so much.

Smeargle's Audition Studio

Next up is Smeargle's Audition Studio, another interactive room. There's a bench set up similar to Charizard's Battle Colosseum, with the Pokémon Smeargle projected on a large screen before the room.

As you can probably tell from the above image, this is a dancing game. You're appointed as Smeargle's backing dancer, and the aim of the game is to keep up with your dance "training". Well this is a gym after all, get moving!

Machamp's Consulting Room

Pink and white, and looking distinctly like a Pokémon Centre, Machamp's Consulting Room faces you with a freaky talking Machamp and a doctor, Kairiki, as they instruct players to move their bodies along like some weird version of Simon Says.

Macho J's Pokémon Boxercise

Learn to punch like Lucario in a full body training program that incorporates boxercise, squatting and jumping.

Gardevoir's Investigation Headquarters

A booth game, in which players play one-on-one with the "EXPO City Police Department" to search for missing Pokemon on an interactive map.

Pokémon Battle Bowling

A two-player bowling machine game, this is a balance game in which players stand on pressure pads, using their body weight to affect the course of the bowling ball as it heads downwards to knock over bowling pin shaped Pokémon. Take that Pikachu!

Pikachu... Pikachu Everywhere

The Pokémon EXPO Gym also features a bunch of shops and eating areas, all decorated in the garish yellow of the electric mouse Pokémon that has become emblematic of the franchise, even including a Pikachu Drinks Stand...

Okay, that's pretty damn cute. Where do I book my plane ticket?

More images from the Pokémon EXPO Gym can be found here via Gigazine.


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