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Rub your eyes and blink twice – yes, Fallout 4 is actually here and for many of us it feels like Christmas, birthday, and New Year have all come at once. The cupboards are fully stocked, the phones are disconnected – our time to get lost in the wasteland has arrived.

Bethesda is a giant of ambition and this latest Fallout game is representative of just that. It shows an all new world that, in so many ways, is unrecognizable but is still riddled with that familiar Fallout feeling. A healthy dose of nostalgia isn't the only accompaniment to this latest game – as you would expect, Fallout 4 is just brimming with hidden kooky content.

If you thought that the Batman: Arkham series had a healthy dose of easter egg fun, then Fallout 4 may quite literally melt your mind. Just a week into release and we have collectively found some brilliant and astounding easter eggs. The fun will not be stopping here though – Bethesda has promised us a game crammed packed with hidden content just waiting to be uncovered.

So, let's just jump straight in and go for it. Easter egg party – my house! Very mild spoilers (no real storyline spoilers).


The Cheers bar (left), Frasier Crane (right) left of the bar. Hiding from Lilith.
The Cheers bar (left), Frasier Crane (right) left of the bar. Hiding from Lilith.

In what world would Boston not be complete without one of the world's most famous watering holes? That's right – it can only be the bar from hit television series Cheers!

Your Sweet Roll!

It's time for sweet revenge. Remember back in Fallout 3 when you were denied that scrumptious treat? Why am I even asking, of course you remember! Well, recognizing the universal disappointment at the loss of our patisserie treat, Bethesda has baked up a fresh batch for Fallout 4. Happy Birthday Sweet Roll!


Dotted around the commonwealth there are minigames located within certain computer terminals. Eject the holotape from the computer and you will be able to play an almost Donkey Kong type minigame on your Pip-Boy!

You Can Use V.A.T.S to Your Advantage in Other Ways

You can use the V.A.T.S system not only to pinpoint enemy weak spots but also to slow down time. When entered into the V.A.T.S screen, time will slow down exponentially – you can use this time to locate an escape route when under heavy fire, take a second to look around for nearby explosives that will finish the job for you or even shoot grenades in mid air that have been thrown at you.

Hello Benjamin!

Although this little gem offers nothing in reward it is still fun to screenshot. The grave of Ben Franklin can be found out on the freedom trail.

Baseball Fan?

If you listen to the television when you first walk into the living room at the beginning of the game, you will hear that within the world of Fallout 4, the Boston Red Sox never won the World Series back in 2004. Sounds to me like someone at Bethesda is batting for the other team.

Is that Opie from 'Sons of Anarchy'?

Yes, it is, you wanna know why? A fun bit of Fallout trivia that not many people will know (until now) is that the legendary Ron Perlman, star of Sons of Anarchy, plays the part of 'newscaster' in Fallout 4 – the anchor that appears on the TV at the start of the game.

Cabin by the Lake

If at any point you begin to feel tired of relentless killing, then I strongly suggest heading down to the lake just outside of Concord. Here you will find a lovely cabin situated right next to the lake. This cabin belonged to none other than Henry David Thoreau, famous poet and philosopher. Kick back here and you can even listen to his audio tapes.

Good Will Hunting

How do you like them apples?! The actual chalkboard from Good Will Hunting can also be found in Fallout 4. Head over to the Cit Rotuna and you will be able to find this brilliant movie reference. Complete with mop and bucket, this easter egg really made me smile! Although the floor could have been cleaner, Will!

Hidden Names

To make sure that Fallout 4 was as inclusive as possible, Codsworth was programmed to say 924 names. The idea being that once set at the beginning, the somewhat eccentric British robot will be able to call you by name. Bethesda has also included hidden names that Codsworth can say. So far users have found easter egg names like Boobies, Erectus, Fuckface, Katniss, and Mulder. Even names from blockbuster movies have made the list; you can even be called Kal El, Neo and Morpheus. Can you find more?

Toy Story’s Clapping Monkey

So, this did actually creep me out. I didn't care for this fellow when we were first introduced in the third Toy Story movie at Sunnyside Daycare. In Fallout 4 you can find this creepy sucker either in the brewery or in the Corvega Assembly Point building. Kill it!


It turns out even in Fallout 4 “you're gonna need a bigger boat”! Head North-West of Diamond City and you will be able to see a decrepit old boat with a few familiar features. This ill fated boat is heavily laden with Jaws trivia. Alongside the body of Quint, complete with blue jacket, we see his unmistakable blue bandana, machete, and of course shark-type creature.

Oh My Gosh – He's Still Alive!

Remember that oh so lovely Vault-Tec rep from the beginning of the game? He is still alive. He somehow survived the blast and is hiding out at the Rexford Hotel in Goodneighbor. Ok, he is a little worse for wear and kinda has no face, but he is alive! All's well that ends well, I guess.

'Alien' Movie Reference

If you head into the Bostonian wasteland and rummage around in the various dilapidated buildings and huts you will find a device called a Flux Sensor. Written on the Sensor are a bunch of numbers. It wasn't until Imgur user 1Times did a little more research that he found out that they actually mean something.

"I found some random numbers (CM-88B 180924609) so I decided to do some research," said 1Times in their imgur gallery. "I found this. It's a screen capture from the movie Alien."

It turns out that 180924609 is the registration number of the USCSS Nostromo, the starfreighter that was the center of Ridley Scott's horror classic, Alien.

The Secret Developer Room (Unlocks Everything)

For PC users only I am afraid. It is very simple to find and requires very little in coding skills – just hit the " ~ " key and then type "coc qasmoke." This will then reboot the game into developer mode. From here you will have access to all weapons, armor and perks.

Fallout 4 has been a wild ride and we are by no means done with our adventure yet. It is a terrifying environment to be dropped into – Bethesda has honestly created the best post-apocalyptic environment I have experienced in a game. It is an extremely confusing emotional experience; in one respect, you want to explore the tragic beauty that surrounds you, while on the other hand, you want nothing more than to escape from this barren landscape that is so devoid of life.

This list is only going to get bigger and crazier – what easter eggs have you found so far? This may actually be best the game in a decade! There are hundreds more hours to be played, I can't wait to see what Bethesda has in store for us.

You're still here?! Get out there... the secrets of the Commonwealth await!

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