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Miley Cyrus is one of the most talked about celebrities on the Internet right now, and is set to make a movie cameo in the film The Night Before, where she will perform and even make a reference to Hannah Montana -- the Disney star princess of yesteryear.

Recently in an interview, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie discussed Miley, how she was to work with and what they think about her provocative image that is turning heads these days.

Seth discussed meeting the 'Bangerz' star for the first time:

“She just did it! … I’m shocked as well… I met her a few times. Whenever I meet anyone and they show any sign that they like me at all, I’m like, ‘One day I’ll exploit you and put you in a movie.’”

Gordon-Levitt chimed in and only had really positive things to say about working with her:

“I don’t know what to expect … She has such this kind of strong, like, anarchistic image. [...] She actually showed up and was super on the ball, really smart, professional.”

Singing Miley's praises, Seth returned with this compliment:

“She sang that song like 30 times throughout the day […] and every time, she did it like it was her first. It was amazing.”

Mackie also commented on how Miley has staying power and has stood out against her contemporaries:

“I feel like for her, she started as Hannah Montana […] She’s been around a long time. There’s a whole lot of them who started like that, and now, where are they now?”

Seth then gave a referent to 'them':

It’s true. The Hanson's of the world. I LOVE HANSON.
But Hanson ain’t a cameo in the movie… Because they’re not famous anymore”

Several things: I think Seth should leave Hanson alone. They may not be appearing risqué photo shoots with large strap-on dildos but they did occupy an important position in our junior high hearts and minds.

As for Miley, it's great to hear it externally proven that despite all of the antics and provocative imagery of her posing for CANDY in the nude, with weed and sex toys, Miley's getting along with her celebrity peers, working hard at what she does and is basically running the world.

Miley seems to be a fresh reincarnation of who Madonna was back in the '80s, with more of a slant on knowing how to get those Twitter beaks gawking and shrieking. She may seem out of control, but as has been said for her work ethic on The Night Before, do not underestimate her!

Check out the full interview with the guys from The Night Before here.

And watch the official red band movie trailer for The Night Before:


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