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Note: This article is a follow up to 'The Kid Really IS My Son: Billie Jean, the Mother of Michael Jackson's Secret Son?' so it might make more sense to read that first if you haven't already. In that article, I discuss how B Howard, the son of Miki Howard (a.k.a. Billie Jean) could be the biological son of the King of Pop.

Here are the main points anyway to inform you/refresh your memory:

  • The 1982 hit 'Billie Jean' is about a woman, Billie Jean, who claims Michael Jackson is the father of her son.
  • At the time, Joe Jackson (Michael's father) was Miki's manager and so she was heavily involved with the Jackson family.
  • Miki used to go by the name 'Billy.'
  • Miki (Billy) had a son in 1981, Michael recorded 'Billie Jean' in 1982.
  • B Howard has grown up with a strong resemblance to Michael, including his eyes which are even referenced in 'Billie Jean.'
  • B Howard has financially "been taken care of very well" by the Jackson estate and his mother 'Billie Jean' has signed a non-disclosure agreement with the family.
  • B Howard considers the Jacksons family and has never explicitly denied being the son of Michael Jackson.
  • Miki (a.k.a. Billy) has never confirmed who the father is.

However, Michael is not the only person who could be the father of the 34-year-old. I'm going to talk about how several other guys; Michael's father Joe Jackson, one of Michael's brothers and a man called Augie Johnson could all be B Howard's father. I'm also going to talk a little bit more about why Michael could still have had a thing with Billie Jean.

Joe Jackson

Arguably the original driving force of the Jackson 5, the father of the family has had a difficult relationship with many of his children and his wife. The first piece of evidence which raises eyebrows regarding the B Howard case, is that Joe was known to sleep with other women outside of his marriage, breaking the devout Katherine Jackson's heart.

Joe Jackson has already been known to have fathered one child with a woman he slept with in 1974. The woman's name is Cheryl Terrell and her daughter, who is the half-sister of Michael Jackson, Joh'Vonnie Jackson is Joe's fourth daughter. Joh'Vonnie was born on August 30th 1974 and has a strong resemblance to Joe Jackson.

Joh'Vonnie is central, with mother Cheryl, right.
Joh'Vonnie is central, with mother Cheryl, right.
Joe and Cheryl were having an affair.
Joe and Cheryl were having an affair.

So we know that it was in sleazy Joe's nature to sleep outside of his marriage and even have unprotected sex. If he did it once, is it really surprising that he would do it again, this time with Miki Howard (Billie Jean)?

Joe and Miki would have inevitably spent lots of time together as he was the one representing her in the early '80s. It is definitely not outside the realm of possibilities that the worlds of business and romance would have blurred for the promiscuous Jackson, potentially resulting in a young pregnant Miki Howard.

This would still be plausible, as B Howard looks like he has the Jackson genes even if he's not directly Michael's offspring. Also, the non-disclosure agreement that Miki signed would still make sense, and the fact that B Howard was always welcome at the Jackson house and would go religiously every weekend.

In this case, could Michael have written the song 'Billie Jean' coming from the perspective of his father? We won't know for sure, but we think Joe Jackson is a strong contender for being Billie Jean's baby daddy.

Augie Johnson

The soul and jazz star Augie Johnson passed away last year at the age of 65. He was famous for being the lead singer in the group 'Side Effect' as well as providing vocals for Michael Jackson's 1979 Grammy Award-winning album 'Off The Wall.'

Miki Howard and Augie Johnson were in a relationship and Augie claims that he was present in the delivery room when B Howard was being born. There's also this family photo of Miki, Augie, Brandon (who is on the left) and Nick on the far right:

Brandon is on the lap of Augie Johnson.
Brandon is on the lap of Augie Johnson.

When the TMZ scandal broke out, Brandon reportedly got in contact with Augie and told him:

“Don’t worry about this stuff. You are my Dad”.

B Howard apparently used to go to Augie Johnson's recording studios growing up and the two most likely had a prominent role in one another's lives.

Augie almost serves as the 'biblical Joseph' in the case Brandon's father; he seems to have been the prime father figure in B Howard's life, but this does not arrest the claims that B Howard's father is actually someone else who is far more famous.

However, the pair bear an easily identifiable and strong resemblance to one another, there are also pictures of the two together, and Augie claims to be his father and raised him.


  • Why would Miki Howard sign a non-disclosure agreement with the Jackson estate?
  • Why would Brandon Howard be invited around every weekend and "always have a home at the Jacksons," according to Miki?
  • Why would B Howard be supported financially by the Jacksons without a valid connection to the family?
  • If Augie was the dad, why has Miki not revealed this instead of dancing around the topic in interviews?

Another piece of counter-evidence is that Augie Johnson admitted in a radio interview that he had never seen the birth certificate of Brandon Howard. Things are no longer looking so clear-cut!

One of Michael's brothers

There is not so much to say on this one but I'll go into it anyway. When Michael was asked in interviews about the song 'Billie Jean,' he said it was about how groupies would obsess over him and his brothers when they would tour as the Jackson 5. In Michael Jackson's 1988 publication Moonwalk, he addresses the meaning of 'Billie Jean' head on:

There never was a real Billie Jean. The girl in the song is a composite of people my brothers have been plagued with over the years. I could never understand how these girls could say they were carrying someone's child when it wasn't true.

If B Howard isn't the son of Michael or Joe, but one of his brothers, then this would still satisfy a lot of the issues that Augie Johnson runs into (e.g. the non-disclosure agreement, looking like a Jackson etc.).

More evidence why Michael could still be B Howard's father

In the late '70s and increasingly more in the early '80s, the forceful Joe Jackson allegedly pressured Michael into sleeping with many women in an attempt to stop speculation that the 'Thriller' star was in fact gay. Joe would arrange many women to go into Michael's dressing rooms after shows in an effort to get his son to sleep around. Joe would enquire afterwards whether anything happened between Michael and the numerous groupies that were thrown at him.

Could it be that Miki, who was in close association with both Michael and Joe, found out about this and wanted to help Michael?

In this case, it would mean that Michael and Miki did not have a lustful romance or courtship. Rather, Miki who knew the tyrannical nature of Joe Jackson firsthand considering he was her manager, was trying to help Michael out by confirming, at least in the eyes of Joe Jackson, that Michael wasn't gay.

So Michael could still really be the son of B Howard.

To sum up:

  • Augie Johnson could be B Howard's father. He had a relationship with Miki Howard (a.k.a. Billie Jean) and they all appear in family photos.
  • However, Miki Howard has never confirmed this but has signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Jackson estate. Augie has never seen his (supposed) son's birth certificate. Why would, B Howard have close ties with the Jacksons and receive financially support from them?
  • Could Miki have slept with Michael purely to get Joe Jackson off his back about him allegedly being gay?
  • Did Joe Jackson, who already fathered one child outside of his marriage, committed the same thing again and got his client, Miki Howard, pregnant?
  • With Michael's explanation of 'Billie Jean' being about groupies and his brothers, could he inadvertently be suggesting that one of his brothers got Billie Jean pregnant?
  • On top of all of this, Miki has never actually answered the question of, "Who is the father of B Howard?'

It really is an unsolvable mystery.

What do you think?


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