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For those who can't remember, The Truman Show told the story of Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey), a man whose entire life was a reality TV show, recorded with hidden cameras and broadcast to billions without his knowledge.

Reddit user Zero00430 has a theory that The Hunger Games and The Truman Show share the same fictional universe. On the surface, this seems like a bit of a stretch, but does it hold weight? Below are 6 connections that prove that the theory, unbelievably, could work:

1. How the Timeline Links Both Stories

The first thing we need to establish is whether events in the Hunger Games and the Truman Show co-exist.

The Truman Show is set in present day, and was released in 1998. The first Hunger Games novel was published a decade later, in 2008. The exact date isn't specified, but we can estimate it will be later than 2087, as Katniss and Peeta participate in the 74th year of the Games.

So, the Hunger Games we see in the movies happens around 90 years after The Truman Show. What does this mean for our theory so far? Well, it's not inconceivable that sh*t escalated (not so) quickly in those years, introducing more and more violent means, morphing from a fairly innocuous reality TV show to cold blooded murder. More on that later.

2. The Dome and The Arena are the SAME

The Truman Show:

The Hunger Games:

Next up, lets take a look at the most obvious link - the Dome. In The Truman Show, an entire city is built to deceive Truman and make him believe what he was living was a genuine, authentic life. The Dome was so authentic and lifelike, that Truman didn't question his reality until the show's 30th year.

The Hunger Games themselves take place within The Arena. This is a special, purpose built area that resembles all of the trademarks of The Dome. Interestingly, the Gamemakers themselves design the layout, much like the production teams in The Truman Show.

The similarities are clear. However, what makes this even more exciting to speculate on, is the fact that one of the previous games took place within the ruins of an abandoned city. Let's play Devil's advocate and say that abandoned city was "Seahaven", where the Truman Show was filmed.

3. The Gamemaker Evolved from the Director

The Director - The Truman Show:

The Games Maker - Hunger Games:

In The Truman Show, Christof is the show's creator and all powerful director. We see during the film that he orchestrates all of the events in Truman's life, even directly telling the actors what to say, word for word.

Compare that to the Gamemaker in The Hunger Games, who has an identical role - like the set-up in The Truman Show, we have one ring leader who has assistants to help support them.

In both movies, the Director and the Gamemaker are extremely powerful, take huge amounts of control over events in the Dome/Arena, and also become emotionally invested. Their success is directly linked to entertainment value - Christof manipulates situations to please viewers. The Gamemakers will be judged on how gory, violent and "entertaining" the Games are.

There's also an element of control they both use to drastic effect...

4. Controlling the Weather

The Truman Show:

The Hunger Games:

Hunger Games: Controlling the Weather
Hunger Games: Controlling the Weather

Now we're heating up (pun fully intended)! This is another significant similarity. In The Truman Show, the Director can change the weather at will. We see this when Truman is sitting on the beach, and it starts to rain only on him.

In The Hunger Games, Gamemakers can influence the weather to cause dangerous situations for entertainment in exactly the same way, such as creating forest fires or tsunamis.

This leads us on to our next similarity between the two...

5. The Emergence of Violence

Both films depict violence as a means of control. The Hunger Games are used to spread fear and prevent another uprising.

In The Truman Show, Truman's father's death is staged to make him afraid of water. When he finds the courage to sail away from the island, Christof creates a thunderstorm. He even persists when it becomes clear that Truman could die, the evil bastard.

6. Melodrama

The Truman Show:

The Hunger Games:

In The Truman Show, Christof is keen to play up to Truman's emotions as he knows it'll appeal to viewers. In one crucial scene, when Truman is reunited with his Dad, he makes sure the camera zooms in on his face, capturing his raw emotion in that tender moment. The whole production team cheer, the viewers go crazy, and a love of melodrama was born.

In The Hunger Games, even those cold hearted residents of the Capitol fall prey to melodrama. A huge part of the whole spectacle is to appeal to audiences by 'performing' melodramatic Shakespearean storylines to please viewers, which in turn help the tribute(s) survive longer.

Finally, both movies manipulate characters by using people they care for. In The Truman Show, every time Truman threatens to uncover the truth, they send in his best friend Marlon to share a beer and have a heart-to-heart. In The Hunger Games, Jabberjays memorize and repeat cries of loved ones to terrorize those in the Arena.

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