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We all admire them and want to be like them, but have you ever considered that the dating advice some of our favorite Disney princess role models dish out is a bit shady?

Let's take a look at some of the most questionable dating tips the following 8 animated films have relayed to young, impressionable minds over the decades:

1. It's okay to want to date a man with an arrest warrant

Everyone loves a bad boy, right?

2. If your lover calls you a 'savage,' don't think it's because he's racist

He's just trying to change your barbaric ways for the better.

3. It's romantic for your Prince Charming to kiss your presumed dead body

There's absolutely nothing wrong with necrophilia.

4. If you want a guy to love you, you have to change who you really are

Bear in mind, after all you put yourself through, he might not even pick you anyway.

5. It's okay if your prince doesn't remember what you look like but has a great taste in footwear

And it's also bonus when he can't be bothered to look for you himself, sending someone else in his place.

6. If your love interest abandons you to die in the mountains, he'll probably declare his love for you later

He's probably just playing hard to get.

7. There's absolutely no risk involved in deciding to marry the guy you met the same day

You're clearly meant for each other, even though you've known each other for less than 24 hours.

8. As long as his love is true, it's okay to tolerate abuse

Oh, and if you don't learn to love him in a short space of time, he'll stay like this forever so get a move on!

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