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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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If you're fascinated by the macabre side of Hollywood, meet the man who is more intimately acquainted with dead celebs than anyone in the world; they call him 'The Dead One.' Vidal 'El Muerto' Herrera investigates suspicious deaths for grieving families in Los Angeles, and is often called upon for sensitive famous cases.

One call to his company, 1-800-Autopsy and a payment of between $3k and $10k, and you can acquire the services of El Muerto, who explains why a proper autopsy is often necessary (via The Mirror):

"Hospitals don't want to spend money on the dead, so less than 1% of bodies get autopsies these days: nobody was looking out for these people.

The Dead One at work with a colleague
The Dead One at work with a colleague

In up to 10% of cases, the wrong cause of mortality is written on death certificates. It's my job to find out what really happened, and to give these families closure."

A former CSI who worked on the cases of Marvin Gaye and Dennis Wilson, Vidal has 40 years and 19,000 autopsies to his autopsy career - and has also advised celebs to make their grisly movie roles more authentic:

"Will Smith is playing a forensic neuropathologist in one of his upcoming movies, Concussion, and he really wanted to get his hands dirty and learn how these examinations are performed.

Will Smith in 'Concussion'
Will Smith in 'Concussion'

He was a real pro and my staff loved having him here. We often have big names in our facility, but they've usually gone to meet their maker before they get to us."

Vidal also has an interesting side project: Morgue Prop Rentals sees Vidal earning some extra cash by loaning his medical equipment and facilities out to film crews anxious for a realistic look. CSI, House and Law & Order are all customers of El Muerto.

CSI uses props loaned from Vidal
CSI uses props loaned from Vidal

Although Vidal says that child victims are "always very hard to deal with," his stomach is strengthened by his vast experience in a field most would find too gruesome to contemplate:

"We've seen it all - decapitations, drug overdoses, shark bites, traffic accidents, plane crashes.

We see some terrible things - OAPs who have been abused in care homes; people who have been poisoned. We treat every body that comes in as a potential homicide victim in case we have to defend our findings in courts."

Vidal was consulted about Michael Jackson's death
Vidal was consulted about Michael Jackson's death

Vidal was even approached to investigate Michael Jackson's death in 2009, but he's certain that no foul play was involved:

"We spoke to the family's attorneys, but it was a straightforward, unremarkable toxicology case."

This remarkable man continues to contribute to justice for the dead, and closure for the living. On his unusual and morbid profession, Vidal simply says:

"Death has been good to me. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people find closure. And let's face it, death is a recession-proof business."

Source: The Mirror


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