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Sometimes you can’t resist a schlocky 3D B-movie, especially when they're about killer nurses! Young nurse Danni Rogers suspects fellow carer Abby Russell responsible for the brutal murders of unfaithful men. Nurse 3D is filled with themes of obsession, temptation and sexual tension, mix that in with gore and violence and you've got one ridiculously entertaining thriller. Films like this you have to ignore the flaws and embrace the fun.

Viewers complaining the lack of intellect, logic and deep character pathos are as crazy as the main character, who needs realism and grounded storytelling. Anything resembling insight isn't present here, but that's not to say Nurse isn't without its clever moments and imagination, mostly courtesy of Paz De La Huerta's magnetic performance. Apparently she was a nightmare on set, director Douglas Aarniokoski had a separate actress dub her voice, that being said I still found Huerta very, very entertaining. She has this enthusiasm and madness about her, her line delivery is at times slurred and very slow but it works with her psychotic character. Her looks are scolding hot in an unusual way, she goes through at least ten makeup and cloth changes but pulls off each look, and when she strips down to murder cheating men she dives into the role. One scene she really excelled in sees her confronted by an overbearing HR manager whilst attending a patient, Huerta can act, this scene proves so and it ends with a sinister head turn towards the camera.

The 3D adds to the silliness. Surgical tools fly out the screen, depth is solid throughout, plus blood and body parts hang and spray towards your glasses. I loved the final fight in the hospital where Abby snaps and goes on a blood filled rampage. In a darker scene, she locks herself in ICU and brutally slashes and cuts up patients. Even better, she gets payback on her sleazy boss played brilliantly by Judd Nelson. Katrina Bowden is excellent as Danni, sweet and charming and worth rooting for as she darts around the screen trying to uncover Abby's secret. Corbin Bleu and Boris Kodjoe don't do much, however Niece Nash threatens to steal the screen as a sassy nurse, as well as Melanie Scrofano as the previously mentioned overbearing HR manager.

Director Douglas Aarniokoski does a terrific job at injecting style and oozing sex appeal from start to finish. A film like this needs edge and danger, Nurse boasts this throughout. The dark reds and vibrant lighting sets the atmosphere, the comedy aspects work throughout and he keeps the tone balanced even when violence breaks out, nothing is too jarring yanking you out of the experience. The cinematography is surprisingly solid, the opening shot especially that peaks through hanging ceiling bulbs to leer at Paz De La Huerta applying makeup in the cracks of a broken mirror.

I recommend Nurse, it's pure entertainment for 90 minutes and is so sexy, especially in 3D and thanks to an unforgettable performance from Paz De La Huerta and a committed one from Katrina Bowden!


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