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I don't know much about Margaret Thatcher, except that she is the first lady to be in power, and especially in England, the first premier being a lady is something that was so unorthodox.

And she made a choice to use unorthodox economics, that was stoic and unbelievable. She had reduced inflation but in turn was unable to control the unemployment and there were strikes and riots every where and she was unable to do much about the people hating on her.

But this movie is more than just her reign as prime minister and her stances but the movie reflects on the problems at hand during her reign and also as an old lady and a mother.

With these struggles it's also understandable that she would be still mourning her husband's death. And was still envisioning her husband beside her.

It's also a commentary on her daughter and her point of view on the whole political reign that she abhorred for roughly 3 terms,and she changed the face of politics for a time where change was something that was not taken lightly and that she had made her name synonymous in history and forever etched her name in it too.

But as a movie how does it stand?

There is no real three act structure as a movie goes because this is a documentary just like Amy. But I found it interesting that they started as her being an old lady and the struggles that they endure, which is Alzheimer's and a constant need to reflect on how things have turned out for her in life. And I also found it heart warming that it was both her as a mother and her trying to cope with the Premiership. I mean this was the first lady prime minister, and people either seemed to love her or hate her, and more often than not it was hate. But it was found that it was on good reason as well as, no one really knew the direction she was going, and as time went on she was getting drunker with power, and it showed.

I did not really feel for the characters, rather sympathized and with these documentary movies, it's really easy to confuse the two. Whilst sympathy is an emotion, a feeling for the character means you relate to the character and make it feel like it could be you. And don't get me wrong the scenes where she was remembering the god times and how she may have let her kids down as a mother really struck hard, and if the other scenes prove otherwise, then good but I'll just say this, I tried not to hate Meryll's Streep performance, but it was grating at times, I don't know if this was a romanticized version or not but I just felt like I hated the character of Margaret Thatcher and maybe that's the direction they were going but I don't know about English politics, so I'm not one to judge.

Overall, if you want to learn a little about the Iron Lady I'd say check it out otherwise,it'd just be another little fun trivia thing


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