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Fans of the Green Arrow comic books will no doubt recognize that Stephen Amell hasn't entirely adopted the Green Arrow visage in his portrayal of Oliver Queen in Arrow.

The depiction of Queen's character has changed a lot over the four seasons: from a privileged billionaire through his various stages of training, to vigilante, moralistic vigilante and now finally the finely-honed hero.

However, a few things are still missing: for one he isn't the CEO of Queen Consolidated, but most importantly he's yet to adopt the classic Green Arrow facial hair.

Commonly referred to as a goatee by fans, but more accurately known as a van dyke beard, the Green Arrow has been associated with this facial hair for years. Along with an insane amount of money, incredible combat skills, a bow and plenty of trick arrows, the Green Arrow is meant to have a van dyke beard and his own brand of cocky confidence.

Although fans of the Arrow television series are rather fond of Amell's trimmed beard, he really wont be the G.A. we know until he grows the blonde beard. So when will he do it?

Well back in July Amell took to Twitter in order to settle the debate once and for all.

Aaron Sagers, journalist and TV personality, responded by teasing and pushing for further information from the Arrow actor... but he didn't budge in his wholehearted devotion to the razor.

However, just three months later Amell tweeted once more, with a drastically different perspective.

So it seems we'll be seeing Amell adopt the classic Green Arrow facial hair in one way or another. But leave it to Caity Lotz, a.k.a. The Canary, to divulge a little more information.

If we put together the pieces of the puzzle then it can be assumed that Amell is wearing some facial hair in the Flash-Arrow crossover episode which is being used to introduce Legends of Tomorrow.

We know that in order to set-up Legends the combined Flash-Arrowverse has had to introduce alternate dimensions and time-travel, so is it possible we so an alternate Oliver Queen with the iconic beard, or will our future Green Arrow really be bearded?

The Flash-Arrow crossover episodes are due to air in early December, and will introduce characters such as Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Vandal Savage. Are you as excited as I am?


What facial hair do you think Stephen Amell should have whilst playing the role of Oliver Queen?



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