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(Warning - the following contains major potential SPOILERS for future episodes of Supergirl, largely in the form of images and a brief synopsis. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests is wise...)

Now, the lingering sadness that Constantine's absence from network television continues to cause may still be thumping away - and was arguably made even worse by its lead's awesome Arrow cameo - but that doesn't mean we can't take some small solace in the gradual emergence of the show's lead actors in other gloriously geeky roles.

The latest news on that front?

Charles 'Chas' Halford is Heading to Supergirl

That's right - Chas Chandler himself will be coming to Supergirl... just not, sadly, as his Constantine character. Instead, Halford will be playing a very different sort of DC hero. Specifically, a giant red one who may or may not be a hero at all.


Halford is Set to Play Jemm

Specifically, that guy up above, 'The Son of Saturn' himself.

Now, in the comic books, Jemm has traditionally been an ally of Martian Manhunter's (with a few occasions of unwitting villainy), but from the sounds of the synopsis for his upcoming Supergirl appearance (in Human For a Day, set to air December 7), he might just be taking on a slightly different role in the show...

"Kara and her friends must rely on their inner strength and courage when an earthquake strikes National City. Also, Alex’s mistrust of Hank reaches a breaking point when the earthquake traps them in the DEO with Jemm (Charles Halford), a powerful alien escapee."

...something seemingly supported by these recently released images from CBS:

The big question, then? Will Jemm prove to be a comic book canon-defying villain, or a shock-twist hero? Could his arrival suggest that Supergirl is going to have access to a whole lot more of DC's cosmic mythos than we originally thought? Are the Holograms going to be OK without their lead singer?

Hopefully we'll find out the answers to all of that, and much more, on December 7...

What do you reckon, though?



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