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Despite the risks involved in spinning off one of the most popular television shows of the past decade, Better Call Saul surpassed all expectations when it premiered with Season 1 back in February, and the second season was on the cards before the first had even begun airing.

It's not difficult to see why, the show was met with critical acclaim to rival even that of it's predecessor, the widely loved Breaking Bad. A tongue in cheek character study of idealistic lawyer turned scam-artist James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill (Bob Odenkirk), the man who would become Saul Goodman, Better Call Saul Season 1 saw the beginnings of Jimmy eschewing the last of his morals.

He fell out with his scheming brother Chuck (Michael McKean), saw the death of his friend and scamming partner Marco (Mel Rodriguez) and snubbed a legitimate career-making job interview with the Davis & Mane law firm in favour of more illicit exploits, driving off towards his new life whilst humming Deep Purple.

We don't know a whole lot about Better Call Saul Season 2 yet, but given the events of the Season 1 finale it's safe to assume that the next season will see Jimmy McGill fully accepting and adopting the Saul Goodman persona that we came to know and love during Breaking Bad.

In a recent Variety interview Better Call Saul co-creator Peter Gould pretty much confirmed that this will form the core of Season 2, namely Jimmy's turn towards the dark side:

"The fact that people have embraced Bob’s performance as Jimmy McGill and really gotten into this character, the audience feels the same as us, which is that we love him so much, we’re a little bit sad he’s going to turn into Saul Goodman. There’s something tragic about the fact that this guy who is so open-hearted and essentially a decent person becomes this drug lawyer. It creates a lot of tension in the show."

So, Season 2 is where we're really going to experience Jimmy's genesis as Saul Goodman, and the dark path that his actions take him down from hereon out. Exciting stuff for sure. And the most exciting? We've finally got an air date for the next season!

Yep. The first episode of Season 2, which currently doesn't have a title, is set to air February 15th 2016 on AMC, that's the day after AMC's most popular show The Walking Dead returns for part 2 of its season 6 so hopefully that won't affect the ratings any.

Like Season 1, Better Call Saul Season 2 will consist of ten episodes and will air Monday evenings at 10pm [ET/PT].


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