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Adam Green is one of horror's biggest advocates and is severely underrated in the directorial world. Green has brought us amazing films such as Hatchet and Frozen and pioneered a horror sitcom - Holliston. Here are 5 facts about Adam Green to help you get to know the man behind the splatter.

5. 'Coffee & Donuts'


Adam dabbled in the world of Rom-Com with the 2000 release of Coffee & Donuts. The film is about two friends (Adam and Steve) who try to take their small town radio show from Holliston to the big time. While doing so, Adam is struggling to get over his lost love Laura.

4. Time Warner Cable

Like his character on Holliston, Adam worked for a cable company in Boston (Time Warner Cable) making local TV commercials. He met fellow filmmaker and business partner Will Barratt while working there.

3. He Was a DJ

When he first moved to Los Angeles and his first film failed to catch the right attention, Adam worked as a DJ. Green served as a DJ at the famous Rainbow Bar & Grill while taking odd jobs in the media industry.

2. Haddonfield

Adam has a lot of musician friends, but he himself was once in a band. He was the lead singer for a horror-metal band out of Salem, Massachusetts called Haddonfield.

1. Summer Camp Horror

Hatchet is the film that put Adam on the radar of many horror fans, and the film spawned 2 sequels. While he did not actually write the film until much later, Green came up with the idea for Victor Crowley when he was just 8-years-old. While at summer camp, most kids are doing arts and crafts or getting their first kiss, but Green was more interested in the legend of "Hatchet Face". Other kids warned him to stay away from a certain cabin because of Hatchet Face, but nobody really had any details, so Green came up with his own.

Adam Green is going to continue to shock, scare and make us laugh for years to come. Get to know him better by liking his Facebook page and following him on twitter- @Adam_Fn_Green.

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Holliston will be returning in 2016!

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