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Now, I've seen some outrageous marketing stunts in my time, but I'd have to say Nvidia's latest ploy for getting their video game streaming Shield devices into living rooms around the country is wholeheartedly ridiculous and kinda badass.

Nvidia's neat Shield brand has been around of a while now, but after attempting and seemingly failing to insert itself into an already crowded market of consoles, smart TVs and streaming dongles, the company obviously needed a bold marketing move to make their green and black Android TV box a vital component of the living room.

Oh, hai!
Oh, hai!

In the commercial titled 'The Ruler,' the gaming tech giants commissioned professional skydiver Jeff Provenzano to dive out of a plane at 10,000 feet in the air while playing video games, and reclining casually while watching stock footage in 4K resolution.

You've got to see it to believe it:


Provenzano was attached to a rig built to resemble an a-typical living room set up with TV, couch, cat, tuba and, of course, the Shield all being dashed out of the back of a cargo plane. Whether or not the cat actually skydived, judging by how chill it looked at the end of the ad, is still up for debate.

While the ad is a fun distraction on your lunch break, the Shield Android TV box itself shouldn't be taken lightly. For $200 you will be receiving an Android gaming console that you can stream your Steam library to, and pop your favorite PC games on your TV from.

As mentioned earlier, it is fully 4K capable and handles the resolution like a pro, you can cast content from pretty much any device across Droid, iOS and PC, it has voice search on its smooth, brushed steel remote and, much like nearly every other device on our beautiful planet, is compatible with Netflix.

If it wasn't for the PS4 and Xbox One, I'd say the Shield would have had a good attempt at ruling the living room.

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(Source: Gamespot)


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