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The latest episode of The Flash was a big episode and marked the return of our favorite gorilla. At the end of Grodd's last appearance on the show he was seen climbing a tower. In this episode we found out this is where he has been hiding out and that he has been gathering resources to try and make more gorillas like him. The episode does a great job in making the audience sympathize with Grodd and realize that he has been doing what he's been doing because he is alone and merely wants a friend and someone like himself. Of course team flash cannot afford to have a mind controlling gorilla on the loose so they have to send him away. Despite trying to do what is right, it is evident at the end of the episode that Grodd feels he was betrayed which will drive his hatred towards The Flash which in the future will lead to him being one of his biggest villains.

We also got our first glimpse of Hawkgirl in costume with her wings spread.

Cisco vibing Hawkgirl
Cisco vibing Hawkgirl

This episode was an effects heavy episode and would have been a very expensive episode to produce on a CW budget. Compared to other television networks such as CBS and HBO, The CW shows have a relatively small budget. However, episodes like this show the effort put in by the special effects team behind The Flash show. Grodd looks even more realistic compared to last season and this time we didn't just see him lurking in the shadows. The team behind The Flash has done amazing job and I think they need some recognition for it.

We also got a tease of Gorilla City at the end of the episode. When The Flash first started out I never envisaged seeing half the things we have seen on the show so far, including King Shark and Gorilla Grodd. For many I think seeing Gorilla City and that storyline from the comics play out on tv in live action was initially only a dream. However I now believe in one of the future seasons to come we will finally see that storyline play out and Grodd will be the big bad of the season. It will require a lot of special effects but after seeing some of the things the special effects team has pulled off I have full confidence they can pull off Gorilla City and an army of Gorillas taking on The Flash and his team.

Gorilla City
Gorilla City

Just some things to note from the image above: The two rock faces have been carved to look like gorillas. There are two gorilla statues at the gateway into Gorilla City. There seems to be what looks like a temple of some sort and also what appears to be a stadium or an arena at the back as well.

I know I have gone on about the special effects team and their efforts but I personally think it needs to be acknowledged from time to time. The next episode of The Flash is the Flarrow crossover episode in two weeks time. I hope you all enjoyed the episode this week.


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