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Day 18 of 22

We're at the halfway point to Lion Guard! Zuka Zama!


Nothing in terms of Kiara, but we do have a new clip that features Mufasa!His spirit reassures Kion about his role as Lion Guard and tells him he'll always be there for Kion. It's a beautiful clip and really gets your emotions going.

There's one line that Kion that might vaguely have something to do with Kiara:

"And I....I don't wanna end up like Scar!"

Scar used his roar to kill his guard who refused to attack Mufasa. Perhaps Kion might think he'll get power hungry and kill Kiara to take her place, or he's just worried he'll abuse the roar in some other way.

Kion hasn't shown an interest in the throne thus far.

There's also an interview with Atticus Shaffer the voice of Ono.

Picture of the Day

I love how adorable Kiara is here, showing her playful side, kinda like her Lion King 2 self. Simba doesn't look two amused, perhaps thinking she'll scare off the gazelles.

As much as we love Kiara around here, we know she's not the best hunter:

Things to Ponder

"Could The Lion Guard re surge popularity in Lion King 2?"

This one is not a theory of the film and upcoming show itself, but rather a possible result. Kiara is a character who seems will be shown prominently through out the show, even with an episode planned about her (Can't Wait to be Queen.) Despite the first clip we've seen of her where she's rather rude to Kion, it seems from the other videos she's a character that grows into a likable one. (In terms of Lion Guard. Lion King 2 Kiara was always likable.)

Since Kiara is going to be in The Lion Guard, is it possible that the movie she originally came from could become popular with a new generation of Lion King fans? In 1998 there was tons of merchandising to promote the film that went into about the early 2000s before stopping. Could we see some Lion King 2 merch again if it does become popular again?

We can only hope.

What I'm doing Today

Watching Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (My favorite show of all time) and Generator Rex with a Friend

Listening to that Atticus Shaffer interview


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