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James Wood

Out of all the superhero films out and are available to watch right now, Man Of Steel is my favourite and simply the best out of the lot. Marvel may be on a winning streak with successful release and successful release plus further future hits to come, but DC are about to comeback, that’s what I think at least. This is the biggest, most action packed, stylish and superbly acted superhero flick.

After the destruction of Krypton, Jor-El sends his son Cal-El to Earth to start anew. However, when Earth is threatened by Kryptonian prisoner General Zod, Cal-El must harness his powers and become the Superman and save humanity. Zack Snyder once again utilises his signature style to incredible effect. The gritty, dark colour palette immediately sets the mood and tone for the film, his camera shots, insanely detailed and pummelling action sequences cannot be copied. He’s a visionary, superhero movies need this kind of creative behind the camera, a lot do already but no one like Snyder. Hans Zimmer’s godly score adds dramatic heft and stirs pure epicness to the battles and fights, accompany that with Amir Mokri’s stunning cinematography that masterfully frames enormous destruction and captures awe-inspiring low angle shots and you’ve got a visually gorgeous superhero adventure.

This shot in particular, low angle perfection capturing awe against the backdrop of destruction!
This shot in particular, low angle perfection capturing awe against the backdrop of destruction!

I am not fond of flashbacks, in the majority of films I find them to be used for dull expositional purposes. Man Of Steel is filled with flashbacks but on this rare occasion they work and are actually enjoyable. The oil rig scene is epic, the bus crash is intense and all the flashbacks, featuring a great performance from Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, are filled with moving drama that grounds the high flying spectacle. The casting is perfect, Henry Cavill is earnest and likeable and convincing physically as the hero, and as a fan of Amy Adams' work she impresses yet again here as Lois Lane, feisty and enthusiastic. Antje Traue is badass and very menacing, threatening to steal the screen from the likes of Michael Shannon, who is great as Zod channelling a madman. The supporting cast are marvellous, a big thumbs up especially for Diane Lane and Laurence Fishburne!

The special effects are stunning, pretty much flawless, the detail and effort put in is astounding. The Metropolis battle is one of the most jaw dropping finales, Superman and Zod go face to face and no building is left standing. The collateral damage is wildly over the top in the most glorious manner, ships crash and explode into skyscrapers, and whatever remains standing Zod lasers structures down with his laser vision. This film will leave you feeling like you've been tumble dried, thrown about and pummelled, as is the brutal and in your face fight between Superman and Faora-Ul. The 3D adds a terrific sense of depth and sprawling surroundings, debris, sparks and all sorts of matter float in and around the screen, immersing you further into the grand world of Man Of Steel.


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