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A few months back I was scrolling through our mothership that is Moviepilot, and I noticed some of the creators talking about something called MPU. After a little digging, I discovered this course that they were discussing was called Moviepilot University.

I dismissed it initially because I am already a college student, as well as a stay at home mom of three and a freelance designer. With my plate so incredibly full, I thought to myself that there weren't enough hours in a day to even attempt to take on something else. Yet, I was so intrigued by what Moviepilot wanted to teach, that I couldn't resist signing up.

Upon receiving acceptance to the program, I did go through a few different stages.

Stage One: Excitement

When I received my acceptance letter, I was just as excited as I was when I received my college acceptance letter. I knew that whatever the mentors from MPU had to say it would only help me become a better writer.

Stage Two: Anxiety

When I saw that the requirements for the course were four articles a week, I panicked. I was averaging one article every two weeks on Moviepilot, and that's if I was lucky. How would I ever keep up?

Stage Three: Determination

I am not exactly known for completing anything, but writing is very important to me. Becoming a better writer is what I strive for. So, completing this course became very personal, no matter what I had to do to get it done.

Six Weeks and 24 Articles Later...

I am proud to have finished this great course, and feel as though I got to experience something every entertainment blogger should: support and camaraderie with my fellow writers.

I never imagined that taking this ride would lead me to discover so many other talented people, nor did I think I would take away as much as I did. MPU taught me that it is okay to take a personal approach to your writing and that it is okay to love what you write. If you have confidence in what you are writing, faith in your point of view, and a strong grasp of grammar and syntax, you can flourish here at Moviepilot.

I also learned that I am among an amazing group of creators and mentors here. People who have poured their hearts and souls into researching and writing about things others may brush off as unimportant or unnecessary. I've found support and a community, not just on Moviepilot, but all those that went through the rigorous deadlines of 24 articles in 6 weeks time.

Forget Marvel. Forget DC. We've got our own cinematic universe here. We are all superheroes here on Moviepilot. While we all have our own unique superpower, collectively we will rule the internet universe. (ok, ok... maybe not, we can sure try!)


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