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Fresh off of handing the reigns to Michael B. Jordan for the future of the Rocky franchise, as Sylvester Stallone stars along side Jordan in the upcoming film, Creed. Jordan is cast as Apollo Creed's son (Apollo being Rocky's adversary in Rocky & Rocky II) who approaches Rocky to train and mentor him.

During a promotional tour for Creed, Sylvester Stallone was asked to recast some of his other iconic roles and after being asked about John Rambo, he had a rather unconventional choice: Ryan Gosling.

Yes, you read that correct Stallone thinks that Rambo should be played by Ryan Gosling were the films ever to be rebooted. Now there are no plans to reboot the franchise any time soon. Although Stallone himself has been hinting at a fifth Rambo film potentially in the works. Regardless of another Rambo being introduced the concept in indeed interesting to think about who could fill the role of John Rambo.

John Rambo, for the uninitiated, was from the beginning a soldier who returned from the Vietnam war as a decorated, but disturbed hero. He was filled with self-loathing and ultimately hates killing but without hesitation will use his skills to protect those that he loves. After the war he has difficulty adjusting to normal life and is prone to violence because of the torture he endured by the North Vietnamese soldiers. Because of his violent outbursts he is shunned by most people that he came into contact with aside from his commanding officer in Vietnam.

Now I do believe that Gosling could portray the socially-reserved soldier dealing with the turmoil of what happened to him in the war and struggling to cope with the return to reality. The only problem is that as the Rambo films progressed, Rambo himself became inflated to a level similar to a comic book superhero: able to dispatch an entire army with his bare hands. That's a tough sell for Ryan Gosling, yet Stallone picked him so maybe there's something I don't see.

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