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Get your best pout on Zoolander fans, because we've been bequeathed with a full-length trailer for Zoolander 2!

In the much anticipated sequel to the beloved Zoolander of 2001, we find our two most favorite male models are not so hot right now. But when some of the world's most beautiful people start turning up dead, each in their final moments having taken a selfie pulling Derek Zoolander's signature expression 'Blue Steel,' Derek and Hansel must infiltrate the modern fashion industry to solve this mystery.

Check out the hilarious trailer below!

Here's a quick breakdown of who we clap eyes on in the trailer:

"Old" and "Lemay"

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are back as Derek Zoolander and Hansel McDonald. Unfortunately, it seems they're not has hot as they used to be... "I guess fashion's change."

Ambiguous Cumberbatch

The new hot competition, Benedict Cumberbatch struts his stuff as an androgynous supermodel... "All is all."

Penélope Cruz is Montana Grosso

Playing an Interpol agent, Grosso recruits the two washed up male models to help solve the case of the dead beautiful people. "She's hot... I trust her."

Justin Bieber's final selfie

"Oh, fudge!" All the most beautiful people in the world are being killed!

Alexanya Atoz, played by the aptly named Kristen Wiig

Wiig game is quite literally on point. "You were amayuzing."

Mugatu is back, b*tches!

And he still wants his goddamn latte! "Prison changed me. I am bad to the core now!" I expect great things.

Ben Stiller will of course be directing and reprising his role as male model Derek Zoolander, and Owen Wilson will once again be Hansel McDonald. Rejoining them are Will Ferrell (the evil fashion mogul Mugatu) and Christine Taylor (Matilda), along with some new faces including Penélope Cruz (Montana), Justin Bieber as himself, and Benedict Cumberbatch (All).

Well, what with this awesome new trailer, this has been an emotional day for all of us. I think we should get naked.

Zoolander 2 will be hitting screens in the US on February 12, 2016!


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