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I have some cool details. But i'm first telling you all that Coach Bobby Finstock (Orny Adams) is officialy back. Chris Argent and Deucalion are also back, but more surprises are on the way.

Detail numero 1:

The Opening credits are according to some posts on Moviepilot announced: by Thomas Kohain, etc.

In order:

Tyler Posey (And the Alpha eye)

Dylan O'Brien (When he sits down at the hospital and the when he hits theo)

Holland Roden (The same as in 5A)

Shelley Hennig (Were-Coyote to the full coyote)

show the Desert wolf

Dylan Sprayberry (The Same as 5A)

Arden Cho (The Kiss with Scott)

Cody Christian (When he drops down in 501)

Then show the wolf

Ryan Kelley (When his eyes turn orange/red in the prison)

Then show the dread doctors

Khylin Rhambo (When he sits down with Brett)

then show the high school like in 510 when the school was attacked.

Then show Jeff Davis name

and Teen Wolf and done.

Detail numero 2:

It seems that Malia and Braeden are going to be in Episode 11 searching for The Desert wolf according to Moviepilot. According to Christian Post in the premiere Scott and Stiles will fight for Stilinski's life and Scott will help Stiles with his problems.

Detail numero 3:

Skinwalkers are added to our creatures. But do u guys now what they can do? Skinwalkers are people that can steal "Skin" beter known as "ID" because they won't have the same blood or DNA as those people or Animals but they can steal their skin. They're shape shifters.

Detail numero 4:

According to Ryan's TV Blog Isaac is officialy back in episode 18. Is this true? I don't know. But Isaac did post a lot of thing with the cast. And he would be a big surprise for the show. Derek is still rumored, same for Jackson.

Detail numero 5:

We will know all about Theo, and when he gets what he wants, IF he gets it. We might see a beter Theo, but simular to Peter in Season 3 and Jackson in Season 1 but as a good guy.

Detail numero 6:

According to a post on IMDB in Episode 11 and 18 their will be flashbacks, in Episode 11 it will be about Theo how he let's his sister die, and why. In that same episode we'll see Jackson and Scott.

In Episode 18 we'll see something about a Hellhound in the 18th century. But we'll also get something of Parrish. That Episode is all about him joining the pack.

Detail numero 7:

According to a post i don't remember from what side, but the name was Michael J.H we'll see the other Argent returning in Episode 15.

Detail numero 8:

Episode 15 and 16 will be the best episode's ever on Teen Wolf according to Khylin Rhambo (Who play's Mason). "In Episode 15 and 16 it's like, OMG! The action scenes and the drama is so amazing, but we'll see some funny scenes too. And off course Theo will be there. But it's so amazing".

In Episode 15 we'll see Liam in a big fighting scene. Scott will fight someone but we don't know who. But it will probably be Theo.


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