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Almost needless to say but SPOILERS AHEAD for both the show and the comics. OK so facts first. All fans of The Walking Dead comics know that in issue 100, Negan shows up and bashes in Glenn's head with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire (Lucille). And so, fans of both the show and the comic books speculate that in the season 6 finale, Negan (played by actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will carry out that very same execution. We also saw Glenn SEEM to get torn apart in episode 3 so that KIND OF eliminates Glenn from being Lucille's victim (or does it? Haha). In episode 6 we're introduced to a seemingly highly organized, highly seasoned group apparently chasing after Tina (RIP) and her 2 friends. Episode 4 was an all Morgan special so Morgan fans are scared he might receive Glenn's iconic death. But I think I know where Scott Gimple is going with all this... I'm going to apologize now to all Daryl fans but he's probably the one getting that death in the season 6 finale. First, I'll eliminate the obvious choices.

Glenn: Maggie's pregnancy announcement in episode 5 probably had "Glenn is alive" believers worried that she signed his death warrant with that statement. But as we've all seen, the show does tend to diverge from the comics quite a bit, especially with show characters receiving deaths not attributed to their comic book counterparts (show Hershel gets comic Tyrese's death; show Sophia dying while comic Sophia lives; etc). Glenn's episode 3 death IS a fake-out. Entertainment Tonight spoiled it when they released an official picture of Paul "Jesus" Monroe on set... with none other than Glenn standing right next to him. So why fake Glenn's death, bring him back, and then kill him again?

I can tell you why they might bring him back from the seemingly impossible: to show you how much of a bad-ass Jesus is. And he is totally bad-ass and you need to know it. But it just doesn't make much sense to bring him back to kill him all over again.

Morgan: Screen time is a killer. Beth got a bunch of it right before her (really stupid and pointless) death (Noah died anyway! Gosh! Idiot!). So here comes episode 4 and it's all about Morgan. I personally love what Lennie James and AMC have done with that character so I didn't mind that episode too much. But it did worry me: that much screen time is almost a guaranteed death sentence. Add to that how expensive is must be to keep Lennie James on the show and I'm shaking in my Morgan-Lovin' boots. I do predict Morgan's death soon (probably with a crossbow at the hands of Dwight) but I don't think it'll be at the hands of Negan. That's mostly because I don't think there are enough people who love Morgan out there. Negan is supposed to be the worst of all the baddies our group has encountered. Killing Morgan would vilify him, of course. But he hasn't really been with us from the onset. Most people in Alexandria think he's a little crazy. How will Rick convince them all to go up against Negan if he only killed no-so-beloved Morgan? Doesn't make sense. But that brings up my next point.

Negan will have to kill a beloved character for everyone, characters and fans alike, to hate his effing guts. They probably won't kill off pregnant Maggie (the Greene family has lost enough). Carol is too fun to watch. She's the strongest female character (Michonne is alright) and maybe just the strongest character in general. And while her death would upset enough fans and characters into taking action against Negan, there wouldn't be much happening in the personal feels department. Her strongest connection is to Daryl but he already lost Beth so I highly doubt Gimple will rinse and repeat. We should probably be OK assuming Carl and Michonne are safe for the same reason. Sasha and Abraham should be good too (for now). Sasha has taken comic Andrea's place as the elite sniper. Her budding romance with Abraham probably isn't good news for at least one of them but again, their deaths now wouldn't make much sense. Tell you what though, Daryl's death makes too much sense.

So Daryl dies and here's why.

Remember that guy Jesus that I'd previously mentioned? Long haired, sleeveless, bad-ass, and probably gay Jesus? (Probably gay because comic Jesus is) Yeah well he's pretty much Daryl 2.0. He even looks like him. Early on in the series, Norman Reedus tried to convince the showrunners to make his character gay. Now here comes a character from the comics that Daryl was kind of supposed to be... Except Jesus is probably a better leader and fighter than Daryl. He doesn't seem to have that weird outsider complex caused by a Merle-like character. That isn't good news but it isn't even the worst. Our beloved Daryl seems to have gone soft while inside. He let that guy hoodwink him! But that might be important. IF that guy is Dwight, then there's a good chance the following will happen: when Dwight gets recaptured by The Saviors (the most likely candidates for that group chasing him and shooting at our people), he's going to have to work his debt to that group off. He'll probably tell them about where he got that bike and crossbow. There's also a chance that he took the walkie and it was his voice we heard at the end of episode 6. Maybe Negan got to him already and is setting a trap for Daryl and the Alexandrians. If Daryl dies, it will have the most impact on all of the other characters and fans of the show. Through Aaron, the Alexandrians would rally for him. Rick would go bat-guano crazy. Carol might take the comic Maggie route and become leader of the Hilltop as comic Glenn's death drove Maggie to assume that mantle. And most importanly, EVERYONE would hate Negan. Add to that AMC's Ride with Norman Reedus and you've got too many reasons Daryl Dixon is approaching his last breath.

What do you guys think? Have I convinced you? Please reach out with any comments, questions, or concerns you might have. Oh and don't forget to have some tissue ready.


Which character do you think is most likely to be killed by Negan at the end of this season?


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