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Tyler Posey (And the Alpha eye)

Dylan O'Brien (When he throws something at his jeep and the when he hits theo)

Holland Roden (The same as in 5A)

Shelley Hennig (Were-Coyote to the full coyote)

show the Desert wolf

Dylan Sprayberry (The Same as 5A)

Arden Cho (The Kiss with Scott)

Cody Christian (When he comes in and when he drops down)

Then show the wolf

Ryan Kelley (When his eyes turn orange/red in the prison)

Then show the dread doctors

Khylin Rhambo (When he sits down with Brett)

then show the high school like in 510 when the school was attacked.

(But the real scene's)

Then show Jeff Davis name

and Teen Wolf and done.

And it all has to be in black and the dread doctors, desert wolf, the high school and that last picture owh and the wolf have to move too.

That would be the opening credits, it will be around 1 minute and Teen Wolf will around 43 minutes from now on. 2 more minutes are added, because the opening scenes will be 20 seconds longer or more.

This goes to the youtubers that make those cool edited video's

If you would like to make 1 i would love you to put the link down in the comments. I would love to see it. Thank you


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