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This is the final movie in the Hunger Games saga and the Part 2 to a book that was split into two that didn't need to be. But it gets to follow the trend that all young adult franchises follow now and days. This is the typical end to most big films, the rebellion go to war with the capital and all the emotion is heighten for the big climatic fight at the end. Unfortunately, while those moments are there they are far and between one another to not feel cohesive enough in the story.

Katniss is in the middle of all this and tries her best to bring the troops together as she is the symbol of hope for just about all of them. Which makes sense because this is a very dark film with not much hope for these people and characters to go on. The film isn't as fast paced as I would've expected it to be, especially with how Part 1 was. Luckily this one doesn't follow Part 1 completely because things slowly begin the pick up as the film progresses. But oddly enough the film does go back to being a dark slow serious film after the actions scenes are over.

I noticed that the acting was toned down in this film, which is different to see from most big summer films theses days. It works well with the slower pace that the film has but it does make some of the action scenes that do come later on in the film feel a bit disjointed at times. The biggest problem with this movie is that it was split into two films and it shows in both Part 1 and Part 2. I think that is what is prevent this film from being a great finale to just an okay finale.

The first Hunger Games film really hooked be in and that is why I have been able to stick with the franchise all the way through to the end. Though the ending definitely wasn't its high point it was decent enough that can leave both me and fans of the franchise satisfied with the end. I did like this world and the characters in it, I think those aspects will be the ones that I remember the most from this saga of films.



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