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With Birth of the Dragon just recently beginning principal photography, we now have news of who our Bruce Lee is going to be. According to The Wrap, it'll be none other than Hong Kong-born Philip Ng.

The film will be directed by George Nolfi (the guy who did The Adjustment Bureau) from a screenplay that was written by Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen J. Rivele (two Academy Award nominees). It will follow the story of the legendary fight that occurred in the 1960s between Shaolin Master Wong Jack man and the young Bruce Lee.

Here's what Nolfi had to say about the film:

“BIRTH OF THE DRAGON is a rare opportunity to make an action film with rich characters based on real events and real people. It’s a story about people from the East and West transcending their differences to work together, which is obviously a very timely story.”

Here's the fight we're talking about...

According to The Wrap, the film will recreate the mid-1960's fight between Lee and Wong from the perspective of a young martial arts student whose allegiance became torn between Lee and Wong Jack Man. There is still an argument between people about who won.

Here's another look at your new Bruce Lee... Philip Ng.

On a semi-unrelated note, check out this Bruce Lee Johnnie Walker ad.

(Via: The Wrap)


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