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I can't draw for crap. I assure you, even my stick figures are trash. But no worries! It only makes me appreciate it when people can actually draw, paint, etc.

Karl Liversidge, also known as SourAcid, has created these insanely impressive portraits of some of our most favorite badass female superheroes. And now I suddenly have the urge to put together some fabulous cosplay in honor of these glorious girls.

1. Storm

This lovely lady can control the weather and can fly. Can I ask her to keep Los Angeles at a constant 80 degrees?

2. Black Cat

Friendly to Spider-Man, and armed with intense acrobatic and combat skills, this fierce feline female is looking killer in this tight black suit.

3. Batgirl

She's more than Batman's sidekick: She has skills in martial arts, wits, and plenty of high-tech gadgets.

4. Rogue

This girl has shown a rebellious side since she was a little girl, which is why Rogue is such an appropriate name. Covered from head to toe, this Mutant is afraid of skin-to-skin contact but she isn't afraid of kicking ass and taking names.

5. Emma Frost

Another Mutant, Emma Grace Frost is a mind-reader who can also manipulate the thoughts of others if she really wanted to. This lady shines bright like a diamond...most literally.

6. Spider-Gwen

An artist at heart, Gwen has also been bitten by a radioactive spider, inheriting arachnid-like powers and focusing on her will to help people.

7. Supergirl

With powers like super-strength, heat vision, freeze breath, healing abilities, and more, Supergirl is an indestructible force to be reckoned with.

These women are strong, unrelenting, and unafraid to face danger head on.

I may not have X-Ray vision, mind control, or the ability to fly, but these ladies inspire me to be a superhero in my own right.

[Source: Geek Tyrant]


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