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Richard Donner and Chris Columbus' 1985 adventure classic, The Goonies, is a staple in coming-of-age stories. After the credits rolled children everywhere wanted to find treasure maps and seek out their own thrilling tale. If you're anything like me, you never wanted it to end.

According to Corey Feldman, he and his Goonies co-star Sean Astin didn't want it to end, either. In a recent interview with Yahoo!, the actor revealed that he and Astin proposed a sequel to Donner that sadly never panned out. Still, their idea is pretty fascinating. Imagine if The Goonies met Indiana Jones in the cinematic escapade of a lifetime. Here's what Feldman had to say about their proposal:

"What I would like to see and what the reality of the project might be will no doubt be two different things. Sean actually came up with a concept a while ago. We became friends and have remained friends throughout the years. He’s the best and has such a wonderful, talented family. I remember one night, he and I sat down and actually mapped everything out and pitched it to [Goonies director] Richard Donner. Donner was really impressed with the work we put into it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the right direction. What we came up with [had] far too big a budget for what they wanted to take on. We wrote something that was Indiana Jones-type big, with the characters going to different countries on this big adventure, with all these special effects. It was maybe a little too much. But I think that’s what you’ve kind of got to do in a sequel."

Although Feldman and Astin's idea promises to be an action-packed thrill ride, Donner makes the important point that that's not the primary thing people want in a sequel. Donner reportedly said:

"While fans do crave a bigger and better adventure, the key to a good sequel is the heart and the magic. Those two elements are necessary. Donner said to me in that meeting, I like where you guys are going, but the one thing you have to remember is we’re not trying to make a big epic movie here. We want to make something true to what the original was, which is more character-driven and full of heart.’ Any Goonies sequel has to be based in reality, and in Astoria. That’s where we met and fell in love with these characters. I think that’s the biggest clue I got to where they were heading with the sequel. That was a year ago, so who knows if that’s still the course of action."

I would happily watch a Goonies movie that takes place on a grander scale, but I also agree that it needs to capture the hearts and imaginations of fans the same way the original did 30 years ago.

(Source: Yahoo)


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