ByNick Mosing, writer at took place in the United States, and that number has risen to an estimated average between 400 and 500 changes per year now. Why is it Caitlyn is being treated as the first person to do this? Why is she being called a hero, woman of the year, and seemly everything else under the sun? At one point and time she was famous, and recently continued to have a little spotlight thanks to her kids. Caitlyn will never deal with the struggles of growing up a woman, much less the same struggles any other trans-woman will ever have. Fame and the spotlight, combined with all the awards have put her on a pedestal, and for no good reason either. She's not the first person to do it, so she's no pioneer. She's not setting a good, realistic image for any person wanting to become trans-woman, nor is she casting a fair shadow on anyone who had to endure the hardships prior to her. You want to celebrate someone being woman of the year, go out and find a single mother who works two jobs cause her ex walked out on her. Go out and find a woman who travels the world on missionary trips, the woman who gives medical help to third world countries. The woman going to school to further her education, the woman trying to make a change for the good. Caitlyn doesn't deserve the spotlight, she doesn't deserve to be celebrated. She's turned gender change into a media circus joke, and should be condemned for the damage she's done rather than the good she hasn't done.

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