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Johnny Knoxville is back! He's apparently going to be working with NBC on a TV adaptation of B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin's crime comic Hawaiian Dick. This is according to THR, and sounds like it could be pretty good!

If you're unfamiliar with Hawaiian Dick, it's a story following a mainland detective named Byrd who is reassigned to duty in Hawaii. He kind of realizes pretty quickly that the perceived paradise and beautiful beaches are all a facade for a much darker crime region.

They're calling it a "comedic action series," that mixes "procedural, humor and supernatural elements." Paul Lovett and David Elliott from G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra are writing the script and executive producing, along with Knoxville, Michael Rotenberg of 3 Arts, David Janollari (Six Feet Under) and Eric Gitter (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World). Universal Television is producing the project.

It's been a long time coming for this project. New Line optioned the rights in 2004, but a film was never made - even after they renewed those rights in 2006. We'll see how the series goes!



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