BySam Silver, writer at
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A new petition is taking a stand for the video game consumer to require more responsibility to be taken by video game publishers.

I for one am fed up with games being released that are buggy and unplayable for the first weeks after release. Not only is this a blatant disregard for the consumer, but the video game publishers still get paid while the consumer sits on unplayable and sometimes broken games, servers and updates.

It should be about time for publishers of games to face financial repercussions for games that are broken, unplayable, buggy, glitchy and in general a terrible product.

Like the Lemon Law, there should be something in place to protect the consumers of Video Games, especially when we spend upwards of $60-$100 for a game and then have to suck up the loss if the game is broken.

The publishers and makers still get their money while we have to suffer through the wait of often days and weeks for a game to be fixed.


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