ByGabriella Creighton, writer at
Gabriella Creighton
The pandering and all the coddling is what's being unfair. Stop sheltering her. It's not unfair for a woman to treat her like another woman and hold her to the same standards any girl should be put up against. Rose is being one of the most fair people to her in general. This constant treating Caitlyn like she's special is actually demeaning to her, trans girls everywhere and women in general. She wants to be a woman, treat her like one. And seriously, what we wear is the hardest part? How about that 70% pay margin? Continued lack of rights in large portions of the world? Being held on a lower standard and told we can't do what men can do? Two women became ARMY RANGERS this year, but we get the woman who tells me picking out a top in the morning is the hardest thing I'm going to do in the day as a role model? Caitlyn is a wonderful woman. She's been very brave coming out and facing a media circus most transgenders would just die from having to handle. She's made giant steps for the TG community. That does not mean she should somehow be treated differently from any other woman. I think that's what most transgenders want really, to be treated like a member of the gender they identify with. So how is holding her up to that standard being mean exactly?

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