ByKatie Kitty Rice, writer at

This movie blows all other 2015 movies out of the water. It had me on the edge of my seat practically the entire time! Right up there with Oblivion and Interstellar, The Martian was complex and riveting to the very end. On top of the beautiful writing and spectacular effects, the acting was spot on. I had to keep reminding myself that this movie was a fictional story because of how real it seemed! Matt Damon was on point with his portrayal of the character Mark Watney and it's nice to see how he's grown as an actor from his "debut" in Mystic Pizza -- don't kid yourselves, that was definitely a lame movie. But I digress.

Movies like The Martian are the reason why science fiction is coming to the forefront of popular culture. It's been slowly developing right under our noses with the original Star Wars films and shows like Stargate Atlantis. Now that our obsession with fantasy has begun to wane, the science fiction genre is rising to take its place at an exponentially growing rate.


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