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My Star Wars thrill-o-meter is officially off the charts right now. Yes, you read correctly – there is a (semi) secret easter egg intro that awaits all you droid-loving fans out there.

[Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) has featured many an iconic face in its run up to launching but we have not yet seen anything of our favorite wise cracking droid, C-3PO.

Without a single player campaign to speak of, the shiny and sometimes argumentative character doesn't seem to have much of a place in EA's Battlefront. This is mainly because the majority of the game is set on battlefields across the galaxy.

Yes, C-3PO is a Star Wars veteran, but a fighter he is not – so what could he possibly do in Star Wars Battlefront? Oh, yes, of course, stand on the sideline with R2 and have a good old argument. Classic!

This secret video is dead easy to access – all you have to do is go through the initial loading screens and get to the main menu. You will then see a large R2-D2 on the right hand side of your screen. You then wait. After a few minutes the screen will change to reveal R2 having a little joy ride around – then you will hear the unmistakable voice of C-3PO. He will march on and have some classic Star Wars back and forth banter with R2.

The whole interaction can be seen below.

From what I have experienced so far, and with this inclusion of everyone's favorite duo – Star Wars Battlefront truly is a shining tribute to the original series. It is an homage with spectacular ability and production. This game does not fail to deliver to both the Star Wars fan and your average gamer.

EA has worked tirelessly with Disney and J.J. Abrams to produce a Star Wars experience that is consistent with the brand. There is literally something in this game for everyone to love. Top grades so far from me!

Battlefront will transport players to far away worlds where we will have to wage war amongst some of the rarest and most beautifully hostile environments yet.

Battlefront will launch in Europe November 20th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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