ByKatie Kitty Rice, writer at

Am I the only one wondering this? As we edge our way closer to the season six mid-season finale, I know some are wondering what's going to happen to Glenn or whether or not Maggie's being pregnant will get her killed off the show. Or whether or not Rick will lose his hand. Or how they're going to play actress Alana Masterson's pregnancy into the show.

They're all valid things to be concerned about. But I'm thinking big picture here. What's going to happen at the very end. We all know that they've re-upped for a seventh season, but what happens after that?

Think about it. Will it all end with a miracle cure? We've already explored that option and look how well that turned out. Will it end with Rick going even more insane and killing everyone? Will they all die at the hands of some villain?

All I know is they've been going easy on us for the past few episodes. There's something coming, I can feel it. And if my senses are correct, I think they're going to mercilessly kill everyone off in front of Rick and leave him to rot in his insanity at the end of next season, or whenever the last season ends up being. (Which is horrifying because I love his character!) As an author, that is totally how I'd do it. I love endings like that because they totally screw the reader over and it makes room for them to write fanfictions about what happens after the fact. In this way, the story can live on past it's cannon ending.

The reason I think the end of this series is coming soon is because they introduced FTWD earlier this year. FTWD will gain popularity over the next two years or so, which will make ending TWD just a tad bit easier on the writers and the audience.

But, I digress. How do you think TWD will come to a close? Do you think it's coming soon?


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