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We had another great episode of The Flash this week on the CW. Here are the best moments, including some nice foreshadowing in this week’s episode! Oh, by the way, spoilers if you haven’t seen the episode.

Henry Allen

It’s always great to see John Wesley Shipp interact with Grant Gustin, for the simple fact they work extremely well together on screen. When I first heard he was coming back this week, given my Zoom theory, I thought this was too huge a coincidence. That was all explained with Iris calling him to heal Barry’s mental wounds. It was great how they worked the murder of Nora in with Barry’s current ordeal. Although his reason for leaving Barry to go “camping” isn’t really justified (or at least I don’t buy it), it was still great to have him back.

Harrison Wells

Wells’s was definitely the one in the spotlight this week (besides the giant Gorilla, but more on that later). He started the episode by abandoning team Flash, to try to get back to his world. Now it’s been said by producers that Wells and Dr. Snow do form a friendship and we saw that play a big role this episode. Caitlin is the one who reached out to Wells, and got him back on the same page as the rest of the team. The friendship over the two showed itself even more when Wells was willing to risk his life to save Caitlin from Grodd. Seeing Wells back in that Reverse Flash suit was awesome. The best part of Tom Cavanagh’s performance, was that while playing E-2 Wells, he was trying to be the E-1 Wells. The part with Cisco running through the “in many ways, you’ve shown me what it’s like to have a son” line was great. At the end of Wells’s encounter with Grodd, he begins yelling about the promises he’s made to Grodd. Makes you speculate, does he know more than he let us know about Grodd?

Gorilla City

This one is for the comic fans. What a treat it was to see Gorilla city in the closing scene of this week’s episode. Now for those that were confused about the ending, here’s a simple explanation. The comic origins of Grodd, and Gorilla City, are far different than that of the show. On the show Grodd is a product of military experiments and the particle accelerator, while in the comics his intelligence was bestowed upon him via a meteor/alien ship that crashed on earth. Grodd wasn’t the only one affected, this was given to multiple gorillas. From there they build a civilization with technology even centuries ahead of that of humans. Grodd is a power hungry villain in the comics, where as in the TV show, he is more of a victim. If they do decide to go a little bit more canon to the comics, we can expect to see more of these hyper intelligent apes. But for now, considering they have Zoom to deal with, I’d say this was a nice little nod to the comic book fans.

What was your favorite part of the flash this week? With the Flash/Arrow crossover coming up, we should be expecting a lot more from the series come Dec. 1st.


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