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The internet lit up when we first heard the news that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was going to be playing Negan, one of the most sinister villains from ' The Walking Dead.' Now, because nothing can ever be kept completely secret in today's day and age, we have our first look at him, and he appears to be reenacting what may be the most iconic scene in the history of 'The Walking Dead' comics.

You can see the video with commentary below, courtesy of YouTube channel 'The Walking Dead NewB2'

In the leaked footage, we see what appears to be a first person view of Negan swinging his barbed-wire bat, Lucille, at some unlucky victim (Glenn was the unfortunate soul in the comics).

Seeing as the fate of Glenn at the time being is unclear, it is currently up in the air as to who may be getting attacked. My theory is that Daryl will fall victim to the brutal beating given by Negan and Lucille. I believe that the whole reason the writers are leading us to believe Glenn is dead is because they are wanting to build up emotional tension, and bring him back right around the time they kill Daryl to counteract the disappointment and sadness people will feel about his death.

What do you guys think, will Daryl fall victim to Negan and Lucille? Tell me your theories in the comments below!!!


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