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Nathaniel Rego

In the future sequel to 4 (2015), the hit Fantastic 4 reboot movie, from Disney and Marvel, the Fantastic 4 battles the deadly Mole Man, his army of mole monsters, and Diablo, the dark magic powered magician, played by Ludacris (Fast 6, Fast 7).

In Fantastic 4: Legend of the Mole Man, the legendary Mole Man (Danny DeVito) joins forces with the infamous Diablo to destroy mankind and the Fantastic 4 with it. Meanwhile, Ben Grimm aka The Thing is in a romantic relationship with Alecia Masters, a blind blonde girl (Ashley Tisdale), as the team defends New York City from this deadly duo of super villains, their army of mole like monsters, and a giant God like mole creature.

Danny DeVito and Ludacris threaten NYC and the rest of the globe as Mole Man and Diablo in Fantastic 4: Legend of the Mole Man, in theaters summer 2017.


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