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Memento is the first Hollywood breakthrough film by the masterful and critically acclaimed director Christopher Nolan, and is one of my favorite movies of all time for its intricate shots, beautiful characters, and its art of its storytelling process. In this masterpiece, Guy Pearce stars a man named Leonard who suffers from a specific type of memory loss; he can't make new memories, and his last memory that he must re-live every day is his wife being savagely murdered. Using a friend and a waitress, he sets out to find the man who killed his wife and eliminate him.

Now, IMDB (Internet Movie Database) just released an article confirming that a remake of this film is in development. This is a terrible idea because it will automatically be an inferior film, simply because it loses all of its originality. To add more useful insult, this is going to be the first Nolan film to be remade and it was made inly 15 years ago. This truly illustrates everything that is wrong about Hollywood because they want to remake the film to make a cash grab film rather than take some of the concepts and make an original story based on them.

This should not happen and I understand many of you do as well; I wish Hollywood would stop making these boring and cliche remakes and try to make original stories like Edge of Tomorrow, or Snowpiercer that make very original concepts that make the viewer engaged in what's happening. The Martian is a clear example of a film that I not only loved immensely, but is a film that has never quite been done before; there have been similar concepts or characters, but the overall story and protagonist felt very original and lush. This will be a shameless remake of an original masterpiece, and it should not happen.

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