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Zayn Malik:

Zayn's album will be released early 2016. Zayn has written all of the songs. But was weird is Zayn loves his boy's (Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis) but he would never listen to their music if he's hanging out with some people. Zayn didn't want to diss them, he obviously didn't but he would like to listen more to Rae Sremmurd, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Eminem & 50 Cent. Zayn also said he watches Pretty Little Liars. But back to the point, Zayn will experience some Bollywood stuff in English into an R&B instrumental song with also R&B vocals. So he's doing something new. He hopes people see it as cool shit.

Zayn's first single will be released soon, called "Befour". It has a cool R&B/Soft Rap instrumental. I'm looking forward to his new music. Zayn also said that he would love to do a duet with Justin Bieber.

Zayn and Justin bieber don't talk so much anymore, but it looks like they're going to talk again. We might have a new bromance. Because Justin doesn't really has a bromance with anybody, yeah he got a lot of friends he hangs out with, but Floyd and Kanye are like to old to call it a bromance for Justin Bieber, Niall, etc he doesn't really hangs out with them everyday. So maybe Zustin will rise. But what looks cool is both of these talented singers won't have a duet on there album. But maybe after the album they will. Because Justin is making an Acoustic album for sure, in that album Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes are linked. Halsey will probably feature on that album too.

Zayn hopes to do a cool Dance or R&B song with Justin Bieber. Zayn is inspired by R&B and Rap, so that will be the most on the album. It won't be like Rae Sremmurd or Chris Brown and Tyga. It will be more like Zayn Malik and different.

Zayn also wants to do Movies, he wants to start with 1 TV show, but like a villain or something, like just 4 or 5 Episodes. Then do a little cameo in a movie, then be like in a movie as just a friend of the Lead man or something to get screen time and then do a movie. He doesn't needs to do it fast, he has time.

One Direction hiatus:

We know that the Hiatus will be 2 years. If u want the link, ask it in the comments.

The Boyband will hang out with their families, write some songs, and a lot of stuff out of the media. But they're definitly coming back. They will have 3 years to their new album. And that's in their contracts. The Boy's will grow up and write some songs and put it in their Whatsapp group that they will create. And if they all like it they will use it. The next album will be their biggest yet, it will have more than 15 songs, probably more than 20. Still be Pop, but also with Indie/Pop and Pop-Rock. They will experience stuff. Like Louis wants to do reality TV. He will probably be a judge on the next X Factor 2016. Liam wants to write songs for the next album and other people and hang out with his family and friends. Harry wants to sing and write, Harry will probably make a solo album for early 2017. Harry also wants to meet people and figure out old friends and stuff. Niall wants to write for the next album and do some TV and maybe a movie. He also wants to do 1 song with Justin Bieber. Niall is linked to be in the new James Bond movie, but he won't be James Bond.

Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber wants to do an Acoustic album and drop it in February 2016. He's next album will be in January 2017. Justin wants time to write some songs and meet people that can be on the album. Zayn, Niall, Cody Simpson, Big Sean, Kanye West, Shawn Mendes, Drake, Rihanna and Halsey are already linked. "In this album i didn't want a lot of people, because i wanted people to see what i can. In the next album i will have some songs with people. But i will probably do a song with 2 or 3 people more in it. Because i never really did that. Only on "Lolly"." So Justin Bieber might do a song Feat. Zayn Malik and Niall Horan. And Drake and Rihanna. Shawn Mendes and Cody Simpson. Chris Brown, Ariana Grande and Austin Mahone are people that he likes more for the remixes.

But this might be rumors. So u might better just believe the truth what is about Zayn & One Direction.


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