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Seth Klinger

Yes there are spoiler so if you don't want to here about the next Thor movie move on.Ok! Too me i love mythology but what about the people that barely know what mythology is. Movie have helped books out. Yes I know know there is a movie coming out called Gods of Egypt and its about Egyptian gods.But if you think about it we wouldn't be making remakes of everything and it would be something different. Also the Thor doesn't count because they have mixed so many things into the stories. I mean i like the movies but this is mythology not make Loki uncle lets make him a brother. A hint to marvel make the sea servant in it and Fenrir. In the books of Norse mythology it has been sayed that sea servant will kill Thor and Fenrir will kill Odin. But the cool thing about that is it doesn't say how. To my guess i think there is 30 mythology movie out there (not like Thor). With all of these stories that are old ancestor left us lets make use of it and not make a thousand remakes of them. Even if you guys didn't have much money to make mythology movie least try. At least the company made Hercules and they made it good because there was a whole butt load of knock offs or not good movies of Hercules. That was a really good one I got to give the rock so props.


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