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In the Toy Story films, the main and titular character is a pullstring cowboy doll named Woody. He is "kind and brave, like a cowboy should be." But actually, in the earlier drafts of the original Toy Story, he was actually pretty much a sarcastic jerk.

You don't believe this?

Well, take a look at this interview with Pixar head Ed Catmull:

Kai Ryssdal: It was not, though, this process of making Toy Story a resounding success, it was not without some really big setbacks. One of which was—and it comes out in the book pretty clearly—you were gonna make Woody a mean guy. Woody, the hero of this thing, was gonna be mean!

Ed Catmull: Right.

Ryssdal: How do you do that to Woody?

Catmull: He was mean. Well, we were discovering—and, at the time, we were trying to figure out how to have a better process. But he was mean. The thing that we learned, though, is that: every one of our films, when we start off, they suck.

Ryssdal: (Laughs) Says the guy who's made I don't even know how many awesome movies.

There's a scene in Toy Story where Woody knows that Andy would take Buzz to Pizza Planet, so Woody tries to use RC to knock Buzz behind the desk and therefore, Andy would only see Woody. However, Buzz sees RC and moves out of the way. RC hits the bulletin board, the board falls on a globe, the globe rolls toward Buzz, Buzz runs away from the globe, the globe hits a lamp, and the lamp spins and knocks Buzz out the window. This was a complete accident done by Woody in a rage of jealousy.

However, in the original scene in the early drafts, Buzz also knows that Andy would take him to Pizza Planet. He offers Woody a handshake to wish him luck, but Woody, while grasping Buzz's hand intentionally throws Buzz out the window. He then denies responsibility and claims that Buzz slipped. Woody then begins to shout at the other toys.

We can see the storyboards of this scene below (starting at about 0:36) and it still has Tom Hanks voicing Woody, Tim Allen voicing Buzz, and R. Lee Ermey as Sarge.

They also made Rex and Bo Peep as antagonistic as the other toys, which didn't happen in the real movies.

Had they not changed this and made it into the final product, Pixar could have never happened because it was the first computer-animated movie and the first Pixar movie. And I can't live without Pixar.

How cool and terrible is that?!


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