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I spend a lot of time online. I spend some time here at Moviepilot, sometime over there at Facebook, sometimes I spend way too much time at YouTube, and sometimes I end up all the way over in Stumbleupon reading about how whales make noise.

In my journey around the interwebs I, like many of you, have come across some web comics. Some better than others. And here are seven, count 'em, seven of my favorites (in absolutely no particular order because picking a favorite is nearly impossible).

1. Freakangels by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield

Starting us off is a fabulous comic that ended way back in 2011, but is no less fantastic. Freakangels follows a group of twelve 20 something's who live in Whitechapel England after the world ended. These twelve people are a little more than just people. They were all born on the same day and all have the same abilities.

What are those abilities? I'm glad you asked. These badass people are telepaths but on an entirely different level than Charles Xavier or Jean Grey. The Freakangels have a mental capacity for just about anything. They heal super quickly, they can read minds, they talk to each other telepathically, and can learn at a rate far superior than any other human. As time progresses, they learn new skills and develop their abilities to a peak height just as the series comes to a close.

8 of the Freakangels using a force field
8 of the Freakangels using a force field

All twelve of the Freakangels are entirely different characters who are all broken and damaged in one way or another. And it all has to do with what they did six years ago.

This comic had a great idea and did it perfectly. Paul Duffield and Warren Ellis did a fantastic job at making an entertaining, suspenseful story filled with relatable and realistic characters that makes you want more. It's action packed, fantastical, and artfully done.

2. Thunderpaw: In the Ashes of Fire Mountain

This comic follows two adorable little puppies Ollie and Bruno. The comic is a little hard to get a grasp on because it seems to be almost the point of view of two dogs who were abandoned, but it could also just be a comic about two anthropomorphic dogs lost in the woods. Either way, it's pretty fantastic.

The comic starts off in a car on "the brightest night [they] ever saw." It's pretty clear that Ollie and Bruno were abandoned by someone and now must try and find their way back home. Travelling into the world they have to deal with all these new sights, sounds, smells and strangers. Some of whom seem to have more diabolical plans at work.

This comic is still going on and is a little harder to understand than some of the others on this list, but it's fantastic nonetheless. To check out more you can go to the official website here.

3. JL8 by Yale Stewart

Ah, JL8. This comic always makes me happy. Yale Stewart has artfully crafted and wonderful webcomic series following the Justice League as 8 year olds. In the league is Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Bruce Wayne (Batman), J'onn J'onzz (Martian Manhunter), Barry Allen (The Flash), Karen Danvers (Power Girl), Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), and Clark Kent (Superman).

Now I know I didn't need to give you their secret identities and their superhero names, however I wanted to point out that in the comic made by Yale Stewart, they're all kids and only refer to each other by their first names. Which is actually fantastically adorable. The entire comic is adorable actually. I mean, look at them.

This comic isn't serious. At all. It's comical and adorable and not much else.

What is really intriguing is how accurately Yale Stewart is able to put every character into this series and as children no less. And I'm not just talking about the main seven, background characters like Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, the Joker, Darkseid (he's a gym teacher by the way), Kilowog, and many others are all well done in the comic. Each one is given a moment in the limelight that is pretty accurate and wonderful to watch.

To see more from Yale Stewart, you can go to one of his Facebook pages or to his Deviantart page.

4. Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

This comic isn't chronological and follows no story. But it's no less awesome. Essentially, it follows an agency that helps to rehabilitate all the badass characters from all our favorite video games, comics, and movies. So after these cool movies, video games, and comics end, those badasses end up here and learn how to assimilate back into life.

Or at least that's what it's supposed to be about. Instead, it's just about a bunch of badass guys figuring out how to handle each other and the scrawny little guy up above with the giant Gyarados (his name is Jared, the Gyarados is Mr. Fish).

There's not much of a story or a point to it, but that's what makes it so fantastic. If you enjoy awesome humor surrounding total badasses, then you'll enjoy this comic. If you enjoy people who call the silliness involved in videogames and tv shows and comics, then you'll enjoy this comic.

Let me rephrase, if you're a Moviepilot regular, you'll enjoy this comic. So if you haven't seen it or haven't looked at it in a while, it's time to take a peek and enjoy this awesome comic!

5. Pocket Princesses by Amy Mebberson

Another not so serious comic that has no plot or observable storyline, Pocket Princesses is beautiful. Twelve of our favorite princesses and our favorite queen make regular appearances in the webcomic. But they're not alone, Emperor Kuzco, Princess Eilonwy, Baymax, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Kristoff, and Princess Leia have all made appearances.

Amy Mebberson is both clever and talented. Every post is fantastic and accurate in every way. She somehow even manages to translate Merida's accent, Tiana's sass, and Snow White's innocence simply into every panel they're in with sometimes as little as one word bubble.

There haven't been all that many entries yet, but Amy Mebberson is going strong and so are the princesses. Each and every one of them is fabulous in their own right. Personally, I'm a little partial to Merida and Mulan, but the rest of them are equally as awesome.

If you want to see more, follow her facebook page here, her tumblr page here, or her official instagram page that is actually run by a third party account here (anyone else who posts her stuff is not legit).

*Update* Amy Mebberson along with Geoffrey Golden and Georgia Ball will be collaborating on making official comics similar to Pocket Princesses in the near future. The only difference is that opposed to having them all live in one house, they'll all be living in their separate worlds and going on adventures. Bleeding Cool has more information for you on the upcoming series here.

6. Storming the Castle by Jack Burke and Ailish Shea

So this isn't the first time I've talked about this webcomic and certainly not the first time I've raved about the artist behind this awesome webcomic.

I've been a devoted follower of this webcomic and am proud to say I've watched it grow from the ground up. However, it hasn't gotten very far. You see, Jack Burke and Ailish Shea are both still in college and it's not easy for them to keep up with the comic when school is going on. Which is fine, because these two crazy kids are so talented and have something awesome going for them.

The reason I'm bringing up this underground and awesome comic again is because Jack and Ailish will be breathing new life into this comic this winter starting off with their Winter Solstice Special (aptly named after the fiasco attached to Starbuck's coffee cup and all other silliness in regards to people getting offended).

Seriously, check these guys out. They're awesome and deserve way more recognition than they're getting. You can read the comic on their tumblr page here. Jack's Red Bubble is here, and it includes his own personal pieces as well as some Storming the Castle awesomeness. Jack also has a Deviantart page with similar content here. And you can find more of Ailish's work here.

7. Questionable Content by J. Jacques

This one I'm a bit new to myself, but I'm already in love. Of all the comics on here, this one is the most relatable. It follows this pretty awkward and adorkable guy Marten throughout life as he tries to get a girlfriend and just understand how the world works a little better.

Most of the characters fall under certain stereotypes, yes, but they hardly ever abide by those stereotypes which is great. And it's highly relatable to college students and graduates. Since I'm relatively new to this one, I don't have much to say which I must apologize for. For the moment, you can read more here on the official website.

So do yourself a favor and enjoy all of these comics. If you end up not liking it (though I certainly hope you do) well there are plenty others out there that will be up your alley and you should check them out.

What's your favorite web comic?


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