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[Apologies for the blurriness of the image. He just rages so hard, it's hard to keep him in focus...]

As I mentioned in the last review, I'm not very impressed with this entire series from The Avengers. Thor was a huge letdown. Hulk was the second Pop from this series I picked up.

The Review:

First of all, bobble-head. So, barf. Anyway...

When I first look at this Pop, it's not really that bad. Muscular green body, tattered grey shorts, slightly messy black hair, thick brow, and of course the gritted teeth.

I love the teeth. Even today, I'd estimate less than 1/3 of all Funko Pops have mouths, because that is the typical chibi Pop style they started with. But as has come to be seen, there are just some characters that require a mouth. I mean, you can't have The Joker without that creepy smile. You can't have Olaf without his big snow tooth. And you can't have the Hulk without a "constipation"-like grimace on his face.

So, on it's own, this Pop isn't really bad at all. It's simple.

But the problem I have is one that I think is quite a big one: This is just a repaint.

I know these Pops are from early in the Pop craze and there weren't many Pops with multiple versions yet, but while the other 4 Pops from this series are brand new molds, this Hulk is the same Pop as the Marvel Comics version of The Hulk that had already been released.

The original Hulk Pop was a brighter green and featured the classic purple shorts, but the Pops are essentially the same. It's BARELY different at all. I'm fine with this for comic series Pops. I have no problem with multiple Batman Pops or Superman Pops that all have the same body with a new design. But we've come to expect that when a new movie comes out, they get new molds, brand new pops. But instead, they took the easy route and phoned in this Hulk Pop.

So, while the Pop itself is fine, I have to be a little harder on it because of the laziness involved in its creation.

I won't take off any points for its size, because Funko wasn't yet doing 6" Pops and a 9" Pop would have been far too big.

Rating: 6/10

Pros: Green, mean, and lean. Gritting those teeth.

Cons: Just a repaint. Hair could have been messier. Wish it was bigger than the rest in the series, but that wasn't an option yet. Bobble-head (barf).

Estimated Value: $32.00 (According to the Pop Price Guide)


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